Eric considering lead role in ‘Discovery of Romance’, may team up again with Jung Yumi after 7 years

Actor-singer Eric may be taking up the lead role in KBS 2TV’s new Mon-Tue drama ‘Discovery of Romance’.

According to several industry insiders (t/n: these people again -_-), Eric has recently received an offer to star in ‘Discovery of Romance’ and is said to be positively considering the offer. Eric is expected to make a decision after looking through the script.

The role that Eric has been offered is that of the owner of an interior design firm, and will be romancing the female lead, which Jung Yumi is also said to be considering. (t/n: Must be the year of drama reunions – see Lee Dongwook/Lee Dahae & Jang Hyuk/Jang Nara)

Eric and Jung Yumi have previously worked together to headline the 2007 MBC drama ‘Que Sera Sera’. There’s much interest as to whether they will take up the project as they would be reuniting in a drama after 7 years if both decide to take it on.

Eric has been active with his group activities with Shinhwa and has been carefully looking through his drama comeback options 3 years after ‘Spy Myungwol’, and fans are also very much looking forward to seeing how much his acting skills have come along.

Eric made his foray into acting with the 2004 MBC drama ‘Bulsae’ (Phoenix), and has steadily built up his experience with dramas like ‘Super Rookie’, ‘Wolf’, ‘Que Sera Sera’, ‘Strongest Chilwoo’ and ‘Spy Myungwol’.

‘Discovery of Romance’ is a romantic comedy about a woman who encounters an ex-boyfriend while being in a relationship and sets off on a search for true love. ‘Discovery of Romance’ will follow ‘Trot Lovers’ and is scheduled to premiere in August.

Source: Osen


4 thoughts on “Eric considering lead role in ‘Discovery of Romance’, may team up again with Jung Yumi after 7 years

  1. the writer for “Discovery of Romance” is written by Jung Hyun Jung who also penned tvN’s “I Need Romance”… I hope this pushed through for both Eric & Yumi. Make it a reunion please 😀

  2. gosh from Golden Cross, Trot Lovers to Discovery of Romance… KBS, you really really wants Eric huh? XD

    Jung Yumi is a good actress, this will do!! But the premiere date is August, it’ll be damn tight for Eric with Shinhwa’s October comeback date..

    Whatever it is… may be 3rd casting offer is a charm? may be a yes this time? It sounds pretty positive this time 🙂

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