‘Discovery of Romance’ NOVEL synopsis and character descriptions

UPDATE (26 May): Looks like the plot of the novel is pretty far from the drama version

I can’t be sure of how accurate this synopsis is for the drama because it’s based on a NOVEL of the same title, and it differs somewhat from what the news articles have been saying… The novel plot sounds rather far from a romantic comedy I must say. Hmm.

It may just be a case of the same title different story, or the drama could really be adapted from the novel… So just read with a big jar of salt for now^^

Male protagonist Lee Soo Han (Head of an advertising agency & prominent figure in the advertising industry, in his mid-30s)
– Harbors romantic feelings for his younger brother’s girlfriend Ji Sun, and when his brother finds out about their feelings for each other, he flies into a rage and drives off, only to die in an accident. This becomes a wound that Soo Han and Ji Sun have to live with. Ji Sun tries running away to a convent to avoid Soo Han who loves her, and seeing Ji Sun like this, Soo Han makes up his mind to marry another woman.

Female protagonist Cha Mi Yeon (A graceful 29-year-old B-list actress stuck with supporting roles)
In a relationship with top star Seung Oh, and because of money, gets into a scandal with another woman who knows about their relationship. To Mi Yeon, who has a painful family history, money is not for her to lead a luxurious lifestyle, but to provide stability and reassurance for the people she loves. Hurt by Seung Oh’s scandal, Mi Yeon decides to marry a rich man and ends up on a blind date with advertising hotshot Lee Soo Han.

Meeting without love. A man and a woman who meet with the intention to marry, and what starts off as a meeting out of obligation turns into a heart-fluttering date and both remain on each other’s minds. A drama that details the process and emotions of getting to know each other hidden underneath a mask. The blunt Soo Hyun and Mi Yeon who’s encountering a difficult period. Soo Han gradually opens up to Mi Yeon who warmly embraces his hurt self. A story about a man and a woman about to enter marriage, who fall in love for real.

Source: DC Drama Gallery


One thought on “‘Discovery of Romance’ NOVEL synopsis and character descriptions

  1. Thanks so much for the trans. It sounds more intense than a typical rom-com but it’s interesting.

    It is quite different from the synopsis from the news for Discovery of Romance, the drama, especially Jung Yoomi (lead actress) role. She’s supposed to play a furniture designer who runs a workshop with other designers… instead of Cha Mi Yeon, an b-list actress, who’s stuck with supporting roles….

    Eric’s (lead actor) role is right on with the head/CEO of an interior design company (instead of the ad agency as in the novel)

    Any way, thanks so much for the extra info about the novel. I thought it is the drama script itself at first 😀 Love that you’re always through with the extra research 🙂

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