[12.04.06] Edged out by juniors, limited program appearances…. Results of Shinhwa’s first week of comeback promotions

Hmm. I suppose there are a lot of challenges facing Shinhwa right now – the changing industry environment and competition from juniors aside, they still have to deal with showbiz politics. I can’t say for sure whatever this reporter wrote in this article is 100% true, and there is indeed some amount of speculation here and there – so just take it as a point of reference, another point of view, and try not to get too hung up over the nitty-gritty.

Let’s just enjoy their comeback for now – we’ve been waiting way too long to let things like this get us down. SHINHWA FIGHTING! SHCJ FIGHTING!


The first week of comeback appearances for longest-standing idol group Shinhwa has got off to a rocky start.

Shinhwa made their first comeback performance on Mnet’s ‘M Countdown’ on 29 March with two songs including their title track ‘Venus’. But despite it being their first comeback program, Shin Hyesung – who hurt his knee during the concert – was not able to perform the ‘Venus’ choreography with the rest of the members and could only join in the singing. A dancer performed the choreography in his place.

Likewise for the 30th March episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘Music Bank’, Shin Hyesung had to sing while sitting down. It was a pity since it was their first appearance on a terrestrial channel after a long while. But other than this, Shinhwa’s music program comeback was generally fine.

But Shinhwa hit a snag in their series of music program comeback performances on the 31 March episode of MBC’s ‘Music Core’. Despite being the comeback performance from the longest-standing idol group, their segment was cut short and the ending performance slots were given to juniors CN Blue and SHINee. On top of that, they didn’t even appear on 1 April’s episode of SBS Inkigayo.

Things like this happen due to the complex internal circumstances and relationships with broadcasters. Shinhwa’s first comeback performance was supposed to have been on Music Bank. Shinhwa member Junjin’s management company Open World doesn’t have a good relationship with Mnet, and thus up to the day before, Shinhwa’s appearance on M Countdown seemed unlikely to happen. However, the problems were dramatically resolved and Shinhwa’s first comeback performance took place on M Countdown.

Having their Music Core performance cut short and the humiliation of the ending performance slots given to juniors instead, possibly arise from the fact that they chose Music Bank for their first comeback performance on terrestrial TV. Not being able to perform on SBS Inkigayo is possibly due to reasons related to variety show appearances. However, Shinhwa’s 3rd April recording for SBS’ ‘You & I’ may change the situation.

There has also been some speculations that because of Shinhwa’s appearance on jTBC’s “Shinhwa Broadcast” before their comeback performances, things haven’t been smooth sailing for their terrestrial TV appearances, which haven’t exactly matched up to the scale of their comeback.

For PDs of terrestrial channels who do not view general programming channels favorably, they are displeased that Shinhwa’s first step after 4 years is to jTBC. In the end, longest-standing idol group Shinhwa spent their first week of comeback promotions amidst complicated conflicts of interests and power struggles.

Credits: Kuki News + Absolut Shinhwa

11 thoughts on “[12.04.06] Edged out by juniors, limited program appearances…. Results of Shinhwa’s first week of comeback promotions

  1. I echo posted comments…..To me, Shinhwa is about longevity, commitment, and loyalty……until current groups can claim double digit years together, they do not compare to Shinhwa. 4 years ago, I was fortunate enough to go to their 10th Anniversary Concert in Seoul — thinking 4 years down the line was so far away……but here we are 4 years later…and the group still going strong. I will continue to support them in their next endeavors…..From, An Adjumma Shinhwa Fan from US.

  2. This is why I don’t like politics. Why can’t everyone just put a smile on their face and shake hands? Shinhwa came back for us! They didn’t come back to compete with their juniors? They didn’t come back to grab or snatch away those darn music trophies, right? Right, because we, Shinhwa Changjo, ARE their trophies! Each and everyone of us! Let us all support them no matter what anybody else says; their words of negativeness are irrelevant to us. Besides, Shinhwa aren’t just singing and dancing, their very existence is setting an example for ALL Kpop boybands out there. SHINHWA CHANGJO FOREVER! SHINHWA FOREVER!

  3. let’s keep supporting shinhwa in every way we can. the best of course is buy their album. waiting for the next set to be released. glad yesasia accepts money bank tranfers (“,). gosh, politics like this… i pray that eric and minwoo will be guided from above, to give them wisdom on how to navigate this media politicking. i brace myself that slowly some media quarters will try to attack shinhwa, i already read one. no matter, will always love & support shinhwa.

  4. Eversince news on them to appear certain variety shows- music bank ,Mnet,music core, I’ve been deligently/patiently waiting. Shinhwa’s members did their part to serve the military duties, returning to pursue their careers and the promise made is not spare of media politics.
    Though I do not know them for 14 years but they shown me Kpop music is lively upbeat, fun and pleasantly good songs. The voice of Hyesung, Minwoo, Dongwan and rapper Eric,Andy, Junjin harmoinse so perfectly – TOP,Destiny of Love,Hurts, and many more….
    They are missed during the 4 years,so to be able to see them on medias is a joy. Why mess politics and love of music -Shinwa, together it should be enjoy by those who love them and not this type of speculation is not healthy !

  5. no matter what other says as long i know that they kept their promise and makes me happy now, i don’t mind what other says….but i do wanna watch them on all the show if it’s possible..hehehe…

    never the lest, i’ve waited for sooooooooooo long for others to crushed down my feelings for the group….

    through ups or downs i’ll be supporting the group no matter what…. :))))

  6. Fortunately, Shinhwa doesn’t need to play politics. If every Shinhwa fan buys 1 album or even just 1 digitally downloaded song, the guys will be very successful with their comeback. After all, isn’t the 1st edition of the album already sold out? They didn’t Inki or the other “traditional” broadcasts for that. As always, Shinhwa will break new ground!

  7. I love shinhwa and i as a fan, i am so proud of them.. NO matter what tv networks do to sabotage or dampen the enthusiasm towards their comeback, i am sure that the group can find a way to fight back.. They have been through worse situations than this.. I just hate the fact that despite their status, they are not spared the usual showbiz politics.. Guess as fans we just have to double our efforts in supportjng them.. Lets show them more love. Anyway, they have already proven their worth, lets just make sure they get the recognition they deserve..

  8. Well,these shows’ ranking system has always been questionable….always being biased and such … As a fan I don’t care about them getting 1st places but if I put myself in their shoes,I do feel bad for the members,because this is a bit disappointing ..I don’t want them to feel ‘old chaps’ or outsiders in K-industry.

    I hope they will grab some awards in the future,not only because of their image,but also for Venus and their album in general because objectively speaking,it is a great song!

  9. It is speculation but I’m glad the media picked up on this too and not just us fans feeling something has been oddly weird when Shinhwa’s performance on MuCore as well as 2nd episode of MBC’s Radio Star were cut short, no appearance on SBS’s Inki, Strong Heart, Running Man….

    We waited for them for 4 long years, I want them to be on ALL of the shows availble….
    This is how much I hate show biz backroom politics…. 😦

    Really hope things will work out for the better *keeps all fingers & toes crossed*

  10. looks like the success of the concert do play a part everyone seems to want to have a piece of the pie..Its so unfortunate that Hyesung hurts himself at the concert,accident do happen. Power,Politics is everywhere, perhaps Shinwa has received so much love on their performances and the new album. A liittle hitch like this will not dampened the fans spirit who had been waiting for them . I’m sure with their experiences and maturities they are able to handle it well.
    Seniors, Juniors singers must not compare with each other or it will leave bitter feelings and discontenments.
    Shinhwa – promised to return has proved their integrities and trusts . I love their music,songs and I am proud to be their Fan and I believe them too to be true Kpop group of 14 years to spread K music

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