Welcome to Absolut Shinhwa –  On an ORANGE high with 6 perfect men since 24 March 1998…

Giving a shoutout to all Shinhwa fans from a tiny island called Singapore, and also from somewhere in the United States!

midnightgirl13 is Su / Su-mi / April from a small small country called Singapore and has fallen victim to the 4D charms of Shinhwa Company’s CEO Mun…

This blog will be dedicated to all Shinhwa news and info, and I hope this will provide English-speaking Shinhwa fans with their regular Shinhwa fix. 🙂

Just two things that we’re somewhat particular about:

  • No hotlinking of images
  • If you’d like to repost the news articles and any translated articles somewhere else, please do so with proper credits

If you’re moving the article/picture/video/whatever out of here, leaving a short note would be nice… If you don’t, well…too bad for us then hehe 🙂

Feel free to make comments, but of course basic netiquette applies here too – no flaming, no bashing, no spamming, no trolling… Other than that – just have crajee fun here!

*sticks hand out*

우리는 영원한 신화입니다!


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  1. Hi Sumi,

    Thank you for your awesome blog. Me and a few other friends (Shinchangs) have made this page to spread the orange love. We are looking for a few more admins who are able to translate people’s messages, monitor the page and also spread the word about the page. Please let me know if you are interested! (send us a private message)


      1. thanks Su, No rush, I know you’re busy.

        Was afraid you took it down for good XD Yours is most completed ratings from the start of Shinbang, all in 1 spot! ❤

  2. I thank you Sumi and all the changios whoever, wherever you are, for all the support you are giving OUR OPPAS. Of course for the wonderful news and info your giving to us, especially me who LOVES ERIC so much. He really makes my day happy and satisfied. I do hope you will post more about him, coz lately i don’t see any. Many thanks again

  3. Helloooo just wanted to say thanks for all the effort! Fellow Singaporean here.. although I’m a new fan. Really grateful for all your translations:)) will be checking this place often!!^^

  4. hy ! a great website ! im also from SIngapore…. Just like them for about 3 months ago because of Eric! i found that they are cooler and better that younger boyband. I Really Like them eventhough im still 19 and theres almost 20 years age difference between me and them. I never like the boyband like this before… i found that Shinhwa’s member relationship is not like other boyband which only exist because of work. For me, they’re like a brothers. Hope they still exist for 14 years more ! its so sad that ive missed their 9 previous album.. Btw, do u know where can i get them?

  5. hi!! i’m a changjo & i’m constantly checking your blog for updates. thank you for continuously spreading SHINHWA love. i am currently setting up my blog & i would like to repost in my blog SHINHWA stuff that you have here (with proper credits, of course). again, thank you very much.

  6. Hi Su Mi! Thanks for constantly updating us on what our 6 favourite men have been up to. Only started getting into them this year but after trawling your blog and youtube I feel like I’ve known them forever.. And still constantly get touched by their intense bond with each other.. Anyways I might be heading to Korea soon and was wondering if you knew the address of Minwoo’s bar Gaepan? Would be pretty amazing to pop by and have a drink there..

  7. Thanks Sumi, may I compliment you on the awesome job in transl,updating of Shinhwa’s activities.Without your news, and this site, I will be totally ignorant of their activities,thanks again
    Absolute Shinhwa has become my way of daily activity, I’ll always anticpating for new updates ,yes the guys are so charming .

  8. Nice change Sumi, but may I suggest you to put Red Carpet on the “now playing” section of the site? Love that song so much and your site even more, from Pat

  9. thank you so much for always updating us on shinhwa’s new. I have been assigned to shinhwas official thread on soompi so I hope ill be able to use your post to post them on soompi and of course with credit and proper credit to you and the original poster. Thank you absolut shinhwa ❤

  10. Hi Su-Mi! It’s my first time visit here. I am trying to inform those who love Shinhwa but live outside of Korea how to do MP3 streaming. http://www.bugs.co.kr <— this is one of the two most important /primary mp3 streaming sites in Korea. Currently Shinhwa's Venus is doing poorly despite the amazing quality of their music… Bugs.co.kr does not require those who join via facebook to pay for the first week of the streaming. So basically log in with facebook account, then you get a free -7day-streaming. Then you can play Shinhwa's venus and contribute to Shinhwa's ranking. (the rank is calculated hourly. so play it once per hour!)

    Seems like you are fluent or conversant in Korean. I really hope that you could help spread the words to all the foreign fans. We only have this week or possibly next week for Shinhwa to earn the first place award in Korean music shows. So it's pretty urgent that the streaming rank go up soon. If you need more guidance regarding how to get the free streaming etc, visit http://www.980324.com then search the freeboard by nickname 유환. She has created screen shots of Bugs in order to make it easier for foreign fans to follow. Thanks a lot! Hope all of us can do a little for our dear Shinhwa!

    1. I & many other tried to take advantage of the 7-day free streaming on Bugs Music but it doesn’t seem to work for us…. At first it let me add the song to playlist but it only play 45 seconds instead of the full song. I tried again and it now say “not serivce IP” wonder if theis Facebook offer only works for Korean IP only…..

      There is a turtorial on this free Facebook offer not sure if it’s still good

    2. Thanks YouJin! Sorry I took so long to read this (I’m travelling at the moment) but once I get some time later I will put up a post with the information. Thanks again!!

  11. Hello All!

    I hope my comments may not be considered as violent, rather be encouraging all of you guys!

    We, Kpopstarz are located in New York, the only specialized U.S. media dedicated to the niche of kpop news, events, and happenings worldwide. We released one article about Shinwha as below, I wish that Shinwha goes forever!

    Shinhwa, Go Beyond Golden Earring and West Life!

  12. Thank you so much Sumi ❤
    I appreciate all the hardworks for gathering all the news/infos and translated them!
    I've been a Shinhwa fan since their 3rd album and still going strong ^^
    Just found out about this blog bcoz the boys were active in updating FB and so recently hehe~
    Hope to hear more from Shinhwa~
    Thank you again ❤

  13. Su-mi, I like this site! I love your “The Days” counter! I can’t wait for the rest of the guys to return.

  14. although so many kpop group have right now. SHINHWA still no.1 in my heart..every word, every smile, every song is always in my heart, in my mind..i can’t wait to see 6 of you to be together..love shinhwa..

  15. hi Sumi!

    I’m actually a new fan of SHINHWA and since then I’ve been addicted with their group…thanks by the way for sharing this stuff to us non Korean..I greatly appreciate it..

    thanks! God bless!

  16. hi sumi

    Actually i’m a pretty new Shinhwa fan tho i do know of them years back… Your translation are a reat help for those who r unable to read Korean. u probably recognise me on twitter @CMShinhwa 🙂

  17. heyyy, April (I like this name because I was born in April.)
    its a pleasure to know you.. I’m writing from Thailand, and found out ur blog related to Shinhwa
    I enjoy reading and updating Shinhwa info so much.
    u’re so cool Thank you so much for your hard work.
    lookin’ forward to see more updates from u.

  18. Hi, I’m a new fan of Shinhwa (like for 2 mths?! LOL =p)…been looking for a official Singapore Shinhwa fansite but can’t seem to find, so I don’t think there is …sigh =\….but i’m so glad to have found this website!! Thanks for the hardwork!!! =) I’m brushing up my skills to know more about Shinhwa and their fans! Cheers!! =D

  19. hey! stumbled across your blog yesterday from Shinhwa06’s blog. Just wanted to say that I’m really really happy that a fellow Singaporean likes Shinhwa too! Most of the the people around me like the current k-pop artistes rather than the first line artistes. will be coming in everyday for updates. hee hee. Keep up the good work!!!

      1. hahaha! i’m only knew of shinhwa and became a fan beginning of this year unfortunately… missed out everything from debut to 10th year anniversary including the sg concerts in sg in 2004 and 2006…regret regret regret…

        thats also why i only found ur blog and the shinhwa forever website a couple of days ago.heh heh…

  20. Hi Sumi.

    Really appreciate your hard work with this website. Been a silence reader for quite some time. And i think it’s time for me to say hi + thx since i did tweet?re-tweet ur post. Hehee~ Love them since 2000 i think while i was in secondary school.

    Keep up the good work!

  21. hi, i really really love this, comeback every day to check the newest thing from our boys, btw u blame mr mun for the infection , and i blame the whole boys for infecting me since 3 years ago , because its less fun when they are not together, n when they r get together, chaos will become in a good way thanks for your work

  22. hehe, you’re done with the change? not sure if it’s just me but I don’t see any comments in the About section at all.

    Like the new design, not so sure about the brick wall though 😀

    1. You’re right – comments on the pages can’t be seen for some reason.

      Waiting for WordPress to get back on this.

      And the brick wall – just a stand-in till I find something better. Sorry it’s not to your liking though 🙂

      1. the comments are back, i can see it now

        hehe, your blog, your call…. brick wall or not, I’m coming here every day 😀

        thanks for every thing

  23. Hello Su,

    ….absolutely LOVE ABSOLUT SHINHWA. Good job!!!,.many thanx for sharing this..<3<3<3<3<3<3.. Fighthing!!!!

  24. hey… haven’t chipped in on this blog for a while now… but do know that I always visit ur blog even more frequent than i read the newspaper!!! hahahahahaha… so keep up the great work… happy 12th anniversary to shinhwa…. n U!!! and us the changjo.ers… its slightly belated but its better late than never aitee… 😉

  25. hey su-mi! so glad that i found your site. thanks for your dedicaton to providing english speaking fans a chance to know more about our beloved shinhwa!

    shinhwa & shinhwa changjo fighting!!

  26. Thank you…midnightgirl13…i will continue to support the mighty Shinhwa and your blog…by the way i’m a malaysian shinhwa fan and a super koreanholic…:-p!!

  27. 웅 ㅋㅋ 오늘 처음 와봤는데 ㅋㅋ 멋있네요 에릭씨랑 동완씨가 공익이라길래…저도 공익인지라…사진 좀 찾아볼까 하고 찾아왔는데 absolut Shinhwa가 영어 사이트라니 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 어쨌건 신화형들 흠 좀 멋있는듯 ㅋㅋㅋ 근데 남자가 신화에 관심가지면 “이런 호모+게이”라고 할까봐 못하겠기도 하고 ㅠㅠ 뭐 함튼 영어공부에 관심도 있고 해서 여기 오게 됐어요~ 주인장님이 한국어도 잘하시구 ㅋㅋ 또 울나라 언론들도 못찾는 사진들을 어디서 캐내서 오시는건지 ㅋㅋ 함튼 대박이네요 수고하시길 ㅇㅂㅇ

  28. This took me a while to notice…despite having been reading your blog for updates on the boys…you’re Singaporean and also a fan of 1N2D? Together with the boys, that almost makes us kindred spirits. lol. You wouldn’t happen to be a fan of 五月天 too right?

  29. You are really good at Korean, right? Your translations are wonderful. For a while, I thot u were Korean. I’m working hard on my Korean studies now….

    Thanks for all the daily updates on Shinhwa.

    From S’pore too.

  30. As an non-asian speaking fan your blog is a godsend, there are very few sites out there with regular info on these fab boys – thank you so much for your efforts, i totally love your blog & check it every day without fail!!! Your truly a star!

  31. Hi! I wanna make a web site about Shinhwa, but I need Your help! Can You wirite to me? Please, It’s really important for me!

  32. I have been here for quite a while. I really enjoy and appreciate what you have done for a fan who can not read korean like me. Even though I just became a fan for only 2 years, I love them dearly. Thanks to you that I can keep track of them. Will keep reading your site.

  33. LMAO… I hotlinked a Wannie picture onto my facebook…. WHOOPS


    I won’t do it again.. LOL.. It was just too quick and easy…

  34. Been here reading for a while but haven’t thanked you for your hard work in sharing Shinhwa news…so thank you very much for your dedication.

    Looking forward to more!

  35. Dunno where to post this.. but me wants you to see this first thing today, 14 April 2009 ~


  36. Love the new skin for the blog.

    Specially that new ‘addition’ – The Days counters.
    Can we make it run a tad faster?! (:

    Thanks for everything!

  37. didn’t I comment on this before…
    ah cuz u moved it the comment must have been deleted. bah!

    따분 했던 시간 불어오는 바람조차 답답했던 걸 oh, yeah
    숨막힌 이곳에 지쳐있던 모든 것을 털어버리고 어디론가 떠나가는

    수미 정말 감사합니다. You work hard to bring the Shinhwa love to international fans for free.

    I noticed you uploaded Sungie’s comeback perf twice… 왜 왜 전화했어~

  38. Hey April…just stumbled upon this site now!
    Very nicely done..I’ll come everyday from now on. ^_^
    Happy belated birthday to Mr Mun!

  39. @ grumpynomore
    “as long as those guys are still around!”
    that means this site will be around forever!! yeay!!

    thx loads Su. guess u need to take bottles of eric-strength-supplements to upkeep this site.
    no complains, I guess hmm…

  40. i love you site!

    yup mr. mun is the one who brought me to love shinhwa as well!

    thank you so much! hopefully this site will be here as long as those guys are still around!

  41. Hi Su!
    thank you soo much for this website =)
    and yes, i blame Mr. Mun too for infecting me with the Shinhwa virus ^^

    finally i can get all up-to-date news here..
    thankyouthankyouthankyou =D

  42. Love your site so much. ^^

    Thank you for your dedication and sharing oppa news for oversea fans.

    Thank you so muchhhh……muahhh \(^o^)/

  43. THANK YOU Suuuuu!!!
    being a non-chinese reader, your website is very useful!
    thank you once again!

  44. hey su, you did great … thanks for sharing all the stuffs. i so love shinhwa, best boy band ever !

  45. love your site thank you so much for this, i’m a total shinhwa fan i look at this everyday to get my updates on the 6 most perfect men ever

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