Shinhwa reveals group shot from 13th album, “official countdown begins”

Shinhwa has unveiled their plan for promotional activities for their 13th album.

Shinhwa will start off with a pre-release track “She Said” from the album at midnight on 22 Oct, and the excitement of the fans have been heightened with details of their comeback activities.

Shinhwa’s new album “UNCHANGING” will be released on 29th November. The group will also be meeting their fans through a 2-day concert on 17-18 December at Kintex Ilsan.

“UNCHANGING” carries the meaning of how, despite everything changing in the 19 years since their debut, Shinhwa has not changed and constantly stayed by the side of their fans.

Part 1 of their 13th album will be released at the end of November, featuring tracks in line with the winter season. Part 2, as the first record to be released in the year in January 2017, will feature Shinhwa’s uniquely powerful tracks.

According to Shinhwa Company, “With the release of the 13th album, Shinhwa will officially kick off their comeback project. The members have worked hard on the album with a thankful heart towards the fans who have been waiting for them, and look forward to lots of support for their upcoming activities.”

Source: 10asia

5 thoughts on “Shinhwa reveals group shot from 13th album, “official countdown begins”

  1. It would be awesome if they can include Malaysia in their concert tour or in their promo events. I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo loving them.

  2. Unchanging-Shinhwa’s love to the album/concert ….well said to their fans’ loyalty,love.
    I can’t wait for the album release..its such a long wait for it..I will be happy to see them soon.
    WE too wait and Unchange for them…

    1. Your blog seems to be having some comtltibiapy issues in my internet explorer browser. The content seems to be running off the page pretty bad. If you would like you can e-mail me at: and I will shoot you over a screen grab of the problem.

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