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161 thoughts on “shout

  1. Hello Admin! 🙂 hope I can address u by your name;)
    I need your help…I’m going to Seoul this week and I’d like to buy Shinhwa’s WE T-shirt, the black one with gold WE:) I’ve been searching online for an offline shop but I can’t find any except for Liveworks..
    someone told me that there’s a store in Myeongdong exit 3 but they don’t know the shop name though.
    I’ve visted Myeongdong several times and of course it’s huge, do you know by any chance the shop where I can go to for Shinhwa official goods specifically the WE shirt? 🙂
    Thanks a lot! – Mary

    1. Hi mary.. I have a plan to go to Seoul early September.. I wanna ask the same question to anyone that knows where i can buy shinhwa stuff and t shirt .. Please help me chingu… Thank you

  2. Hi , I want to ask about Eric’s FB that you stated in you blog . Its on private mood but is it really exist ? His FB account does really exist ? Reply juseyooo ~~

  3. helo, sumi unni, I heard that Dong Wan oppa is coming to MYANMAR on 24th Oct for Korean Festival in Myanmar. Is that true? I’ve been recently losing in touch with Shinhwa updated activities. >< stupid me. somebody let me know please. so that I can get myself prepared to see oppa in airport 😀 thanks

  4. Thank you for this wonderful blog! Shinhwa is like vitamin to my day 🙂 I just have to read/watch a bit about them every day… so I am really glad that I found this blog. ^^

  5. Hi:I am a little bit confused about does it makes any difference between e-mail to shinhwa company and Live Work company? I just sent a long e-mail written in English to shinwa company.I need Shinhwa’s(Eric) help…so can shinhwa company help me to let Eric and other members read the email?

    1. I personally would just email Shinhwa Company if it’s for all the members. Liveworks is still personal management for WanSung, I would avoid to spam them with Shinhwa related stuffs. Unless it’s related to their artists XD

      Like if it’s mainly about Eric that my email is for, I would put both Shinhwa Company & Top Class Ent. (Eric’s mgmt). Otherwise just Shinhwa Company if it’s applicable to the whole group.

      Whether the emails get to the member(s) it’s addressed to, is no guarantee XD

  6. I am a new Shinhwa fan from UK. I have heard of them yonks ago but I wasn’t into K-pop or dramas back then. After watching Myeong-Wul the Spy I started taking an ‘interest’ in the lead actor and just thought I’d look him up online. Love your blog especially the Twitter translations as that gave me a first hand insight into what the ‘real’ Eric was like. I’d say a normal lad who likes having a bit of fun now and again and not some unreachable Hallyu star living abroad! Top work, keep the site going!

  7. Hope this is not too late,like to express my thanks and happiness to know you, Sue and this blog. It brings me joy whenever theres news on Shinhwa and their members activities.Shinhwa Chanjo is here for 14 years and I only realise it only about 5 years ,and each Shinhwa songs played alway sound so good. I am a big fan of Shin Hyesung- a fantastic vocalist, and so glad he is part of Shinhwa.
    Shinhwa, Shinhwa Broadcast are my favourites and thanks for your fantastic work to give us their news, truly appreciate it.

  8. I absolutely love this version of Prayer you have. The chants from the fans are just amazing in this version! They also don’t overtake any part of the song, I can hear the song in perfect quality ❤

  9. i’m new to loving shinhwa (become shinhwa fan) and become addicted to them,
    Really fun to read all the comment from all the conversation i get a lot information about shinhwa
    love them more SHINHWA FOREVER

  10. I’m always so curious about these little things… I’m wondering, are the any left-handers in Shinhwa? Or they’re all right handers? Curious… Anybody knows? 😛

  11. I’m just wondering, Andy always seem to wear spectacles… Is it prescriptive spectacles? Andy needs to wear spectacles originally?

  12. Who can’t wait for the concert DVD?>!?!?! MEEEE!!!!! ^^ i mean seriously….. i’ve been anticipating since the start of the concert knowing I might not be able to see the concert…:( unfortunately, i really wasn’t able to see the concert…:(

  13. Hello! I am truly enjoying your page as it is practically the only page about this group that is well written in English. Can I ask you, I have been looking for fan club address where to send letters or gifts? It’s so hard to find and probably not in English. I am a huge Hye Sun fan, it seems as he may be the least “social” (internet wise) person in the group? No FB, no blog… as far as I could find. Hope you can help since you are the expert in their subject! THANK YOU!!

    1. It does seem that Hyesung isn’t quite as “connected” as, say Dongwan or Minwoo 🙂 Ok about your question regarding an address to send things to – I can’t locate any address for Shinhwa Company itself, but I suppose you can always send your items to Liveworks Company (which manages Hyesung and Dongwan for their individual activities, as well as Shinhwa’s concert production) and the gifts should get passed on to the right person 🙂

      서울시 강남구 청담동 21-21 키미쿡 빌딩 3층
      3F Kimycook Bldg., 21-21 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-950 Korea

      1. THANK YOU so much for your help and information! Truly grateful. Discovering Shinhwa has added a fun change in my life like, trying to learn a new language and laugh until your tears come out when watching Shinhwa Broadcast (most naturally hilarious guys ever!!), but having you on our side (as fans) has been really great and we are very THANKFUL!

  14. I’m quite curious about who in Shinhwa actually wears prescription spectacles. And not for those fashion kind. I think Hye Sung needs to wear spectacles not for fashion but for real purposes. But I’m not sure about the other members. Does anybody know? Hahaha please enlighten me! thank you! 😊

      1. Ooh… So all of them went for LASIK? I thought they will wear their prescription spectacles in their private lives or when they have no activities. Thank you admin! 😃

    1. Minbong: This is a pretty old nickname of his, I think that’s the members’ affectionate way of calling him
      Chilibong: It’s a nickname coined up by English-speaking fans after a comment he got from Shinhwa Broadcast Ep 19 (Shinhwa’s Dignity) – there was a segment where they had to impress an old grandmother, and for M she commented something along the lines of “Some chillies may be small in size but still big on spiciness”

  15. Hello…still new with Shinhwa’s…lovveeeeeeee Shinhwa Broadcast….suddenly my addiction to Running Man is gone…its Shinhwa now, can’t wait to watch the next episode…

  16. Just saw episode 16… got shocked when i saw jinnie’s message at the end… when did he get surgery? 😦

    1. I heard they were going to be selling them online but I haven’t seen anything yet! I want one too!!!

      1. yeah… i’ve been looking for it too…. anyway, it if anyone here might know about it please do inform us….^^, thanks a lot!:)))

        1. Unfortunately there hasn’t been news on that yet – I’m guessing that they might only work on it after the concert tour wraps up…

  17. hello changjos!!!:))) i got a question and i need expert opinion..:) uhmm…. are there still shinhwa dvds for sale in korea? to be specific… the 10th anniversary concert and all about shinhwa dvds?? coz i have a friend in Korea but she’s not that into kpop so she wouldn’t really know but i was thinking that if they’re easy to find, i might ask her to buy it for me instead of shopping online… any suggestions???

    1. I’m not too sure if there’s still remaining copies since last time but you can certainly try asking your friend to help you get it.. Since the online stores probably have to get their stock from Korea too.

      If you’re gonna get your friend to help, a personal recommendation: you can get her to try the record store (the sign simply says RECORD STORE) at Myeongdong subway station. That store’s pretty famous among the overseas Kpop fans (some of you who frequent this site probably know it too:) ) and it has loads of CDs/DVDs/merchandise for popular Kpop acts.

      1. yey!!! thank you so much!!!:))) I will do that… hopefully I’ll be lucky enough..:) By the way, really appreciate what you do..:))

  18. hi!!! i’ve been contemplating whether to ask this or not.. i feel so ashamed of my ignorance.. -_- i’m a new fan.. i’ve been wondering what SF means…. can anyone enlighten me? please. thanks!:)

  19. 안녕하세요 수미….^^
    i’ve been following your blog since november last year (since i fall for 신화 and browsing all about them like crazy)
    just want to say thank you for all your hard work, and i’m sorry cz i dont introduce my self properly before (just starting comment out of nowhere in your posts)
    btw, i’m from indonesia, and it is very nice to meet u.. hope i can really meet u in person consider singapore is just an hour 45 min flight from my city….maybe in 신화 concert..

    lets makes friend!!>.<

    1. i’m from indonesia too, and poor me, i knew this blog only just today! T_T
      maybe this blog can follow with facebook? since i don’t have rss 😦

  20. I’m guessing this is the “normal edition” of The Return…?

    Anyway, I also wanted to say that I just love your site. ♥ It has become my top-of-mind-must-go-to Shinhwa site. Thanks especially for all the translations (since I don’t speak a hint of Korean). Appreciate all your hard work on this! =)

  21. Hi I am fr Singapore ..wanna know where can I buy the album and yet can help in their chart like hanteo? Is there any fanbase doing the ordering fr Korea side? Does yesasia counted in hanteo?

    1. Some int’l sites were working with Korean sites for joint pre-orders a while ago but all 30,000 copies of the limited edition have been sold out…. ShinCom did say via their Twitter that they are looking at quickly producing more copies (either special edition or normal edition) because there’s so much demand for the album. So we’ll have to wait til further announcements are made.

      To answer your other question, Yesasia sales does count towards Hanteo. There’s also another site you may want to consider – DVDHeaven – because their sales also count towards the Hanteo charts. Hope this answers your doubts for now. 🙂


    Coincidentally I was listening to Shinhwa's Thank You when I came on here and I got really confused to why Shinhwa's Thank You had the intro music of Once In a Lifetime in the background! 😛

  23. Hi! I just wanted to say thank you for all your guys’ hard work updating all the time! 🙂

    1. yes i want to know too. it said that eric’s & minwoo’s facebook account has been set on private. so it means the direct link if we click on not the original account of them?

  24. Hi,

    Im new to Shinhwa fandom, can you please advise me where to download shinhwa’s old video,

    Please Im begging right know.

  25. 앤디오빠항상건강하시고 동완오빠랑찍은뮤직비디오 사랑에관련된뮤직비디오너무좋더라구요
    항상좋은음악많이만들어주시고 늘행복하시길기도하며
    신혜성오빠 항상팬들안에서 건강하시고 좋은음악많이들려주시고
    늘행복하시길 기도하며
    지난달 짐승돌의오빠모습 본이후로
    통활동이뜸하시네요!늘팬들안에서건강하시고 행복하시길 좋은노래많이들려주시길바라며
    전진오빠! 요즘무한도전에서도 빠지시고 뭐하고지내시는지?항상팬들안에서 늘건강하시고 늘행복하시길 기도하며 수미라는분저랑이름이똑같네요! 와이름똑같은사람글보는게 흔치않는데..진짜신기하다!

  26. Thank you for this site! I heard about Shinhwa for several years thru other K-pop groups, and I saw Junjin on some episodes of X-Man & thought he was hot-yet-adorkable… But I didn’t think I’d fall hard for Shinhwa… I was so *wrong*!^__^ Their awesomeness won me over and now I’m a new USA-based fan starving for everything Shinhwa I can find. Found this site linked from omonatheydidnt, so happy to find it.

  27. hi! i’m from Philippines.. and i’m so thankful for this site. i was hooked with Shinhwa only last July last year… and i never felt this kind of feeling in any groups or boy band to my whole life! when they laugh, i laugh… they cry, i cry… that’s their impact to me.. i don’t know.. i just love their talents, performances.. everything! but what i love them most is when i saw their friendship.. (genuine), their love for each other not just a group but as a true blooded brothers.. that’s what i can see in them. that’s why i fell so much in love with them.. can’t wait to see and watch them perform live! we all know they’re gonna have a comeback concert next year, and i am really planning to go to Korea and watch them.. huhhu.. hope i can make it.. to the admins, or to my fellow Filipino chanjo, please help me update for those who are willing to go and watch them also live next year. wheee… Godspeed SHINHWA!

  28. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! wishing each and everyone a blessed year ahead and good health…



  29. Merry Christmas everyone!!! wishing everyone happiness and hope 2 get 2 know u guyz!!! happy holidays!!!

  30. Hello members of AbsolutShinhwa!
    I am Jun – a fellow male Shinhwa fan.
    I, along with another male Shinhwa fan, are in the works of creating a support Shinhwa forum.
    We are looking for assistance as this will not be an easy project to take on.
    If anyone is interested in providing us with some help that would be great.
    You can reply to this message here and I will check back for the feedback!
    Please provide me with your contact information – email/MSN messenger/etc.
    Thanks again. God bless.

  31. hi there!!!

    just Eric pure korean or not..coz he doesn’t look like a typical korean…hehehe…just curious…

    thanks!!! ^-^

  32. Congrat on AbS reaching 1mil+ visitors
    *throws eskimo shaped confetti*
    Thanks for all the hard work you put into this blog, keep up the awesome job!

  33. A couple of days ago, i thought my eyes were getting really fuzzy from being on the computer for too long and seeing white dots moving on this site XD and I just spent the last 20 seconds gliding my mouse from left to right of the screen to change the way the snow was falling XD

  34. hi there!!!

    can anyone tell me where can i directly send messages or gifts for any1 among the shinhwa member…thank u so much..

    god bless!!!

  35. hi. first of all – thanks for the upkeeping the website.
    it’s wonderful to be able to get all the updated news of the boy here.
    just wondering…why is wannie’s latest post password protect?

  36. I JUST READ THAT MY SEXY JUNJIN IS DATING THIS GAL/ACTRESS Chae Min Seo… who the heck is Chae Min Seo, she’s not young so I assume she’s been acting for quite some time, though I could be wrong…….SOMEONE TELL ME THIS IS NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!! MY HEART IS BEATING LIKE CRAZY! haha


  38. 2 more yrs to go before they re-unite!

    anybody planning to go kr for their comeback concert?

    ok.. i noe 2 yrs is far.. blame on the excessive viewing of shinhwa vid in YT….


  39. does anyone know if hyesung’s find voice in song concert dvd is out already? i saw a small clip of a fancam on youtube and really really hope to buy the dvd….

  40. hey i posted one of the pictures from sungie’s summer event thing and [10.08.25]memolog onto soompi’s shinhwa thread 🙂
    but dont worry, i gave you all the credits 😀
    thanks for this site!<3

  41. OMG….. happen to glance at your twitter and scream when I saw this

    Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric.

    and thought there was another siting of ET leader.

    hahaha…. you’re such a teaser….

    darn looks like that’s going to be THE reason for me to sign up on Twitter to join the trending party comes Oct.30

    Is it normal they discharge people on the weekend (Saturday in this case)?

    1. ah phi! how scary that we think so much alike!
      i was about to post here too hahahha

      my heart literally jumped when i saw that on top
      of the page hahahah

    2. I think usually it’s on weekdays…

      But given the nature of his job (shift and weekend duties)… perhaps that’s why his discharge date is on a Saturday

      1. Cool!!! Looking forward to it.

        Dongwanie’s Dec.7 is right on a Tuesday. The clock is ticking for the better this time around

        @Julius, haha tell me about it! It’s not the 1st times isn’t it? 😀

  42. Its the 13th where you at so… 생일축하합니다 싱가포르의 최고 수미!!!!!!!!!
    Cheers to you and wishing you love, happiness, health, peace, prosperity, eric, success, longevity, and everything else good in this world!

    Here’s to you – 건배!

      1. your birthday su-mi?

        Happy b-day to you! Wishing you all the best you can be this coming year. And cuz it’s your special day, we’ll entrust Eric to your care, ALONE in your room BUT just chatting ke? 😀 😀 😀

        All the best! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

      2. had to reread your last sentence. hahaha chat -___^
        srsly a conversation with Leadernim will probably be one of the most interesting convos in the history of mankind. or alienkind… LOLOL

        1. ROFL…… who knows they might ‘chat’ with sign language (alienkinda sign language?)…… woaahaha….. me wanta ‘learn” 😯

          1. ROFL…. body language?

            YOU’RE SO DEAD BY…… ME! 😛 😛 😛

            Hope you had a great birthday!

  43. Hello everyone!

    Quick question.. does anyone know where i can get some nice HQ group photos of shinhwa?
    i’m looking for them because i want to use the photo to customize my sleeve for my new lap top.
    GoodEnter doesn’t work for me anymore for whatever reason.. (anyone know what happened here btw?)
    i can’t read korean nor can i read jap =\ so accessing their respective sites and what not is quite difficult

    thanks in advance!


    I don’t know exactly how it works, but I beleive you click the ‘UP’ button on whoever you’re voting (in our case Shinhwa), and next to it a ‘+’ sign will appear, you click that to count in your vote. I think you can vote every three seconds as on the top it says “update steps 3 seconds of times.” Whoever understands better can say something otherwise this is how I will be voting!!!!


  45. This is kind of Shinhwa-related, so please help me, I really don’t know where to go for help. Um….there’s a song that I’ve been looking for, sung by a female artist, and it’s been almost a year since I’ve started looking for it. The song is called “나 그대에게 모두 드리리,” or “I’ll Give You My All” or “I’ll Bring You All” originally sung by Lee Jang Hee. I first heard this song in Shinhwa’s Heroine 5 appearance, found here: from 7:23 – 7:48 and I’ve since then been looking for that version. I can’t seem to find it anywhere… Do ANY of you guys know what good Korean website to look for old classic Korean songs?? As a non-Korean speaker I am having such a difficult time. Please…someone help…if I don’t get to listen to this song, I think I’m gonna go nuts…seriously…but I completely understand if no one knows where to look…Oh and how do you write out woman/girl in Korean…I think it’s pronounced “yoja”? THANK YOU!!!!

    1. + I’m not 100% sure – but I think there has been a remake done by Kim Wan Sun (김완선), but I’m not sure if there is any available download on the Web. You might want to try searching anyway.

      + Woman/girl – 여자

          1. Oh…okay…darn…I can’t seem to find any website for listening….
            Um….I’ll keep looking then….THANKS!!!!!!!!!!

          2. Okay….well I found that version you recommended…it’s not the one I was looking for… THANKYOU for your help, it is very much appreciated!!! I will continue looking for it…

          3. I know you probably hate me by now for bothering you nonstop!!
            I found this website: Don’t know what it is…all I know is it previews songs for you….and so I copy pasted the song onto the search bar…several songs came out…*click, click* checking ALL the songs…low and behold I FOUND IT!! It’s number 21! Too bad I only get to hear one minute of it. May I know what kind of website it is? Do you have to like have an account to listen to the complete song or something…? Thank you!!!

  46. just realize that there is blog that inform about shinhwa… thank you so much.. and i also new in becoming shinhwa’s fan… it is now one year…. so thank you once again… thx for your effort…

  47. oh darn! i thought it hasn’t passed yet.

    belated HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY AbsolutSHINHWA!!!!!

    thank you for everything and many more to come!!!!

    1. LOL you know I didn’t even remember this… But yes thanks for the wishes and your support! Couldn’t have gone on without you and everyone who visits!

  48. You guys, there’s a problem here.
    I am extremely irritated right now and my blood pressure is at its boiling point.

    I just saw the clip of Arirang’s ‘Cassiopeia VS. Shinhwa Changjo – Who’s Kpop Fanclub is the best?’
    If you haven’t watched it, the link is below.

    I could not help but sense ridiculous bias of favoring in this presentiation.
    I was so angry that I wanted to break someone’s leg.

    Cassieopeia is a constellation of five stars.
    Recorded in the Guiness Book of Records in 2008 for having membership of more than 800,000 people.
    Volunteer group called “Fantastic Match.”
    It’s the best fan club.

    Shinhwa Changjo
    Shinhwa’s fan club “Shinhwa Changjo” has an 11-year tradition.
    Even after so many years, its members are still avid Shinhwa fans.
    Long time fans for a long living idol band.
    Shinhwa Changjo has a special power that only comes with experience.

    Is it just me or do I see some big favoring.
    She could have described SHCJ in such a better and different light.

    PLUS, she didn’t even mention the winner of the poll.
    What in the world!? What’s going on here?
    I’m about to mass email them this issue.
    This is not fair.

    The poll is “Who is the best fan club?”
    And yet, they decide to add “It’s the best fan club” under Cassiopeia when SHCJ won the poll.
    This is blatantly wrong.

  49. We so need to find that pool place that the guys go to… The ones with all their posters on the wall.. We must…

    1. woah… had no idea that anyone was still reading that! LOL unfortunately i haven’t had any inspiration lately though 😛

      i’ll try to update it when i start getting inspired, hopefully soon! 🙂 thanks for the kind words ^_^


        You freaken left off at the worse possible part… At least have JoonRi sitting on the back of Wannie’s motorcycle hugging his waist tightly or something…

          1. thanxx,

            i can assure it for u that i will wait for it patiently

            Appreciate ur hard work

    1. thank you for the link!

      i become so competitive when it comes to this kind of stuff!


    2. Just voted. For Shinhwa off course.

      Not bias but they really are ‘LEGENDARY JOKESTERS’

      Thanks for the link Nicole.

  50. Eric’s Screening Event
    An Opportunity for All Singaporean Shinhwa Fans

    As you may or may not be aware, Eric’s management Top Class Entertainment has contacted us about holding Eric’s video screening (see information here) in Singapore.

    Initially the condition of holding a screening event in Singapore was a guaranteed minimum of 600 fans attending. Unfortunately as this is realistically beyond our capabilities, we informed them so and regretfully had to decline.

    However Top Class Entertainment has contacted us again and reduced their minimum to 350 fans attending. This is still a large number but we are willing to try and work to this number as we believe this is an opportunity for all Shinhwa fans.

    We strongly believe that the reason they have not only approached Singapore but even reduced their minimum capacity is because of the trust they have formed with Singapore fans from the great successes we’ve had with past Shinhwa related events.

    Therefore just as these past events has led to this Eric event in Singapore, we believe that once Shinhwa re-groups and holds world-wide tours, (which we have no doubt they will) depending on the continued success of the individual member events, Shinhwa will again return to Singapore with the firm knowledge that many will turn up to support their concerts.

    We also have strong evidence to believe that future K-Pop concerts are inclined to hold their concerts in Singapore over Thailand. This is undoubtedly a great opportunity for all Singaporean music fans.

    It is up to ALL of us to show that our support is unwavered during the time Shinhwa is on hiatus, and that we will continue to support and turn up to their events now and four years down the track too.

    So we are asking all Eric supporters, Shinhwa supporters or even general K-music supporters to reply to this thread if you are CONFIRMED that you can attend the Eric Screening Event during the period of 21st or 28th of March.

    Please feel free to post this notice up on other websites where people may be interested. Every reply counts!

    Once we get at least 350 positive replies, we will immediately contact Top Class Entertainment to give them the go ahead to come to Singapore and hopefully many more great events will come searching for Singapore as their number 1 stop in the future!

    Eric’s Screening Event Details

    Date: 21st or 28th of March
    Location: TBC
    Duration: 90 mins
    Ticket Prices: SGD20.00
    Also Available for Sale at Event: Exclusive photo books & DVD

  51. I don’t know why my emotion is so down today, normally it will be okay after listening to Shinhwa’s music and reading some Shinhwa’s news but today it is able to cheer me up only little.


    The only thing that is butterflying in my head is Andy~ah with the things he say about his mother’s illness and cried.

  52. “Does this mean I should stop trying to go back to American time and just stick with Seoul time???”

    Have I mentioned that this blog is set in Seoul time…?

    Whatever time is good enough for me! thanks for sharing all the news update about the guys.


  53. Yah…. Missing People…. So there all of you

    am drop by to give you a *big and warm* hugs….

    to all of you …. Miss you all SM , JR, tiffjjang….

    All of You ^^

  54. “Does this mean I should stop trying to go back to American time and just stick with Seoul time???”

    Have I mentioned that this blog is set in Seoul time…?

  55. Does this mean I should stop trying to go back to American time and just stick with Seoul time???

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