the shinhwa perfect girl checklist (ver. 2000)

I can’t quite remember when this interview was done, but if I don’t recall wrongly it was probably during the 2nd jib… when they were young and….naive(?) 😛

But in any case, obviously their criteria would have changed over the years… so just have a good laugh going through the checklist and see if you make the cut!

Criteria for the Perfect Girlfriend

Eric: 170cm -175cm (me! me! me!)
Minwoo: Around 163cm
Dongwan: 170cm
Hyesung: As long as she’s not taller than me
Junjin: 168cm -175cm
Andy: 167cm -170cm

Body type
Eric: Slim
Minwoo: No to girls who are too skinny (yeah we can see that hasn’t changed much…)
Dongwan: Not too skinny
Hyesung: Compared to curvy girls I prefer slim girls
Junjin: Not too plump and not too skinny
Andy: Regular (what is that supposed to mean….LOL)

Eric: Kind, polite, feminine (erm…I’ll work on it!)
Minwoo: Kind, puts others before self, a girl who likes to smile
Dongwan: Gentle
Hyesung: Lively
Junjin: Lively in front of others, demure in front of her loved one (yah…what kind of double standard is that?!)
Andy: Kind and innocent

Age difference
Eric: It doesn’t matter
Minwoo: I don’t know
Dongwan: Younger than me by 2 years
Hyesung: 1-2 years
Junjin: Same age or older than me
Andy: Same age or older than me

What do you notice first about her appearance?
Eric: The overall impression
Minwoo: Eyes
Dongwan: Forehead, hands (FOREHEAD….?)
Hyesung: Eyes, hairstyle (hairstyle indeed…..LOL why am I not surprised?)
Junjin: Eyes
Andy: Eyes

Hairstyle (you BORING guys….but *phew*)
Eric: Long, straight hair
Minwoo: Long, straight hair
Dongwan: Long hair
Hyesung: Long, straight, black hair
Junjin: Long, straight hair
Andy: Straight hair

Overall image
Eric: City girl
Minwoo: Compared to a sexy image, I prefer the innocent look
Dongwan: Simple
Junjin: Sexy and cute
Andy: Sexy and cute

Eric: Manners
Minwoo: Sense of responsibility
Dongwan: Religious faith
Hyesung: None
Junjin: Matured thinking, manners, aegyo
Andy: A kind heart

What do you think is your charm?
Eric: Honesty
Minwoo: My own unique quality
Dongwan: My tough character and a healthy body (*cracks up*)
Hyesung: Me as a person
Junjin: My smile
Andy: Aegyo

What present do you hope to receive from her?
Eric: A kiss (That’s easy….hhahahahah)
Minwoo: Anything will do
Dongwan: Multi-vitamins (YOU WIN…)
Hyesung: Anything will do
Junjin: A smile
Andy: Her love

What would you give her?
Eric: A puppy
Minwoo: I’ll throw her a concert for her alone
Dongwan: Vitamin C, a ring (YOU WIN… AGAIN….)
Junjin: A letter and a necklace/ring
Andy: A couple ring (oh….is that why….. *zips*)

What is the one thing you must say to your girlfriend when you have one?
Eric: None
Minwoo: My confession of love
Dongwan: Let’s fall in love
Hyesung: Let’s be in love forever
Junjin: I love you
Andy: You are M.I.L (that’s a line of T.O.P as you all would know – stands for Millennium, Innocent, Love) (that’s innovative hehehe)

What must you do when you have a girlfriend?
(it sounds like something so simple….but it’s things they are rarely able to do….sigh….)

Eric: Hold her hand and go to the park
Minwoo: Walk on the streets, go to the park
Dongwan: Watch a movie with her holding on to my arm, eating cotton candy
Hyesung: A date with just the two of us
Junjin: Watch a movie, go to the park
Andy: Travel

Yes to a love that’s like this
Eric: Unconditional giving
Minwoo: With a beautiful feeling
Dongwan: Slowly built up, understanding each other
Hyesung: A love that’s honest
Junjin: Understanding each other, giving each other absolute trust
Andy: Honest

What if you fall in love with another girl?
(notice how only 3 guys actually answer the question? tsk…)

Eric: Think about it carefully, and make a decision that I won’t regret
Minwoo: That’s what a bad guy does (yeah… and years later you sing about it….)
Dongwan: How do I say this….
Hyesung: I hope this doesn’t happen
Junjin: I have to consider carefully
Andy: Give it up

What if someone you don’t understand very well confesses her love to you?
Eric: Solemnly reject
Minwoo: Are you having a fever? (you meanie….should we be asking you that now? heheheheheh)
Dongwan: Try to get to know her slowly
Hyesung: Of course I’ll reject
Junjin: If I like her, I’ll observe over a long period of time
Andy: Get to know her better

What if you get rejected after you confess your love?
Eric: Try again until she gets annoyed (annoyed….then what next? you weirdo…LOL)
Minwoo: I won’t give up completely
Dongwan: Try again 10 times, 100 times
Hyesung: Although I know I should give up, but I’ll try again
Junjin: I’ll feel the setback at first, but if I truly like her I’ll try again
Andy: I’ll try again until my life is over (persistence is a virtue…BUT?!)

Are you more active or passive about love?
Eric: In the middle
Minwoo: Active
Dongwan: Active, not afraid of hardship and difficulties, charging ahead (fine…we get the point…)
Hyesung: Passive
Junjin: Active
Andy: I don’t know

I think love is…
Eric: Beautiful
Minwoo: When you can maintain that feeling forever
Dongwan: Being tamed (who…? sounds so….. kekekekekeke)
Hyesung: Cherishing each other
Junjin: Understanding each other
Andy: Honest, eternal

I’m this kind of guy
Eric: An ordinary guy who wants to have someone he loves deeply (i feel you….i do….)
Minwoo: A guy who’s not afraid of anything, be it love, or separation
Dongwan: An innocent, sensitive guy
Hyesung: An ordinary guy who will love with all his heart
Junjin: A guy who has an adorable appearance, but is very masculine with a touch of aegyo (*giggles*)
Andy: A guy you will find pretty good as you get to know me better

Your marriage proposal
Eric: I love you
Minwoo: You’ve been chosen by me! (the self-confidence that we all know so well….)
Dongwan: I’ll make you happy (for some reason I think this is the sweetest line of all…)
Hyesung: I really really love you, be my other half
Junjin: Please trust me (but Minwoo said otherwise…. LOL)
Andy: I love you with all my heart


42 thoughts on “the shinhwa perfect girl checklist (ver. 2000)

  1. I’m about 150 cm and 12 years youngers (♨_♨)
    Seems like i need to wear shoelift for my entire life lol

  2. reading this is like… death at age difference…
    but damn eric and i think alike A LOT.. it amazes me from the day i became their fan and came to know i share same d.ob with him.. but still not my type..
    andy and hyesung though….. eeeeeeeee love ya guys can we ignore the fact that im 15 yrs younger ? please??

  3. ROFL This was hilarious!!!! I was cracking up with the comments in parenthesis hahahahaha I’m not their standard 😦 but hahahaha life spins a lot sooo maybe their fated one isn’t like their standard?? Hahahahah

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. By the time I reached the age difference section, I felt like my soul departed from my body. It’s like a punch in the gut.

  5. The only thing that crossed my mind after reading this: “Minwoo: You’ve been chosen by me!”, was: GO PIKACHU xD

  6. Just a suggestion, why not anyone gives all the questions above to the guys once more, see if there’s any changes.

  7. AWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally wanna be Min Woo’s girlfriend!!! Do you have a fever?! Lol.. So mean!!!! I would cry!!!! 😥

  8. The checklist-very interesting, I enjoyed it very much, have a good laugh.I didn’t know Shinhwa’s criteria so cute,so amusing. One thing for sure all of them like straight,long hair girls ,but in reality before marriage (long hair)after it will probably is short hair because is less hassle (haha).I guess looking for partner have to be mutual understanding,love and respect-if only Shinwa’s guys are born earlier ,good clip, very funny…………..

  9. Reading their Check List makes me laugh and miss them more! I wish there have a program in the future which they will asked Shinhwa the same set of question! It would be so interesting to compare their answers! (lol) and agree with the last part..Wannie’s answer seems the sweetest!

  10. lmao , just found this blog, n fall in love right away
    ooo, i really miss them
    lmao for all the comments

  11. omg, just couldnt stop laughing throughout the whole thing! its so hilarious… lol at dongwan and his obsession with health. and hyesung and the hair! lol, but his hair is nice when kept long and tied back, like in his first concert or 10th anniversary!

    shinhwa, never fails to make me laugh.

    we’ll be waiting for your comeback!

    ❤ shinhwa forever

  12. I laughed a lot while reading their checklist……Wannie so funny forehead and hands…. Why forehead??? Still worried about baldness????

  13. Well, I have to confess that I have laughed and blushed a lot during the reading. ha ha ha

    Dongwan shi is so cute.

    Anyway, somehow I feel that Hyesung shi and Eric shi answers are quite the same… their answers are in different aspects but are in the same direction.

    1. they are not water and oil actually , they are similliar each another so thats the reason they’ve been awkward, read this check list several times already but still makes me giggles.
      Thanks su

  14. Thanks for translating! I laughted a lot with your comments during the article. eheheh 🙂
    I wonder if they changed their opinion now.

  15. hahahhaha su your comments are hilarious ( in a good way k!) 😉 thanks for the checklist! classic.

  16. wait.. i can’t believe wannie said ideal height 170cm. He’s ONLY 171cm.. haha… xP shouldn’t he go for girls like in the 1.6m range??? (ME!!!)

    I don’t think i’ve met any of the requirements. HAHA HOW? i’m a lively bubbly person but i get pissed easily like hyesung… haha

  17. Sungie? Selfcentered?
    YAH, tahts what M said abt him.. hahaha, sometime I think its TRUE!

    This is really sooo funny.. indeed so innocent are their answers.. I wonder if the answers wld be the same now, haha!

  18. Who said I’d let you borrow???

    Just give me your vitamins… I’ll share with him for you.. LOL

    Innocent my butt… and I am an angelic cactus…

  19. height check, not too skinny check, Kind like to smile Innocent (JR shsshh!!) check, i’m responsible, have long straight hair and i do like my eyes.. whoahh i guess i can be M’s haha..

    don worry wanni i still can share my vitamis with you (don’t tell JR will ya) LOLS..
    JR i heart you – i won’t steal just borrow for a while 😉

  20. ^
    That’s what I call a riddle too much self confidence.. Which leads to… *COVERS MOUTH* M SAID IT FIRST!

    Self centered.. Confident.. MEH.. He is still an awesome dancer… *Does CRAB dance… the power up version*


    Ditty.. where the H are you getting at… Go break M and Amy up.. Not me and Wannie.. GEE…

  21. JOONRI……
    Sungie is a bit self centered sounding..
    What do you think is your charm?
    Hyesung: Me as a person

    not self centered,,,i think sungie just felt confidence bout himself!!!!!!

  22. hyesung ahhhh………please wait 4 me,,,,,,,,i try to be a cute n feminin girl*even im boyish*huuuufffff…….

    i’ll do anything just for you my lovly hyesung………..^__^”


  23. hm… younger check, not too skinny check, long hair check, simple check, religious faith check, Multivitamin (yep loads of them hahah…)

    hei wait that’s wanni’s type of girl…

    wanni sounded really sure and firm about his type of GF then the other guys here.. kekekekek….

  24. keke…I would love to have them do another checklist to see how much it varies from years back.

    One thing for sure, you Wannie’s girls should stock up on the VITAMIN. The better VITAMIN the higher score you’ll get!

    Thanks for sharing this piece Su.
    It’s so fun to read.

  25. LMAO… This was awesome…

    I need 4 extra cm… Tiff, can you spare some once you have your knee surgery???

    So I need to be a not too skinny, 170cm girl who is younger than 27 that is gentle and simple with long straight hair, a nice forehead and nice hands.. and is religious…

    Perfect! I have long straight hair… Well, HAD long straight hair.. it will grow out though.. LOL
    I’ll work on the forehead part…

    I just have to say… Sungie is a bit self centered sounding.. LOL

    What do you think is your charm?
    Hyesung: Me as a person

  26. Wannie, i’m getting knee surgery. just u wait. i’ll be 170 soon..

    lmao forehead???? *checks* o_o

    lmao so true Su. years later..Don’t Trust Men. XD

    ‘You are M.I.L.” I want to here that.

    I just loved reading this.
    yaaah~ jincha the 6 most perfect namja

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