olympic park stadium, 30th march 2008





I don’t think this is our last concert, it’s really not the last… I really can’t believe it, I find it very amazing that the 6 of us met each other, in the past 10 years the number of activities we’ve done together, the albums we’ve released, the programmes we’ve been on. We met when we were very young, and we’ve learnt a lot in the course of the things we’ve done…

As I got older, I started to realise that there aren’t that many people who are with me, on my side, really. In my work, I’ve met many people who are out to hurt, people who gloat over misfortune, and those who try to end careers. I thought, there’s no one on my side at all.

But I see all of you here, and you’re all on my side.




The little things that we can recall are just too many… Everyone probably can recall just as many too, isn’t it? Please just remember the happy things… For the next 10, 20 years, Shinhwa will never break up, and Shinhwa Changjo won’t either!

I have only my brothers here, even if I have to go to Hell with them, I would. I’ll never want to part with them. We started with 6 people, and we’ll end with 6 people.

Really… I only want to see the color orange.




I don’t want to…. spend too much time saying goodbye, because I want to be back as soon as possible.

Even if we leave with our backs facing everyone, please smile while you’re looking at us, so that when we turn around we will see your smiles.




Although it seems that it will be hard to see the 6 of us together for a while, but please see it as a temporary break.

When the 6 of us return to the same stage once again, I believe that you will cheer for us again, I believe that you will do that. Even if I don’t say it, you’ll still do it. I trust you.

We… In the past, we really went through a lot of hardship, really… I find it really amazing that we have been able to be together for 10 years. Really I…. When they’re back from the army, we’ll definitely reunite and have a concert, everyone please, you must wait for us to come back.




Even when we’re 50 years old, 60 years old, as long as we’re able to, we’ll definitely stand on the stage.




In the future, no matter where we are, really… in 20 years, 40 years, until I die… We will always… be together.

Please help us to stay as the best. We are the best, and we will do all we can to keep it that way.




10 thoughts on “olympic park stadium, 30th march 2008

  1. The pictures made me tear up.. but reading there messages made me CRY!!

    “I have only my brothers here, even if I have to go to Hell with them, I would.” ❤ even in the geurilla concert, minwoo said 'lets meet in the next life'!! His words are so meaningful!

    “Even if we leave with our backs facing everyone, please smile while you’re looking at us, so that when we turn around we will see your smiles.” ❤ ❤ Dongwan, though the chatterbox (our witty guy ^^;) his words when he means things are very poetic!!

    Hyesung made it seem like they were going to lose all their fans! I'm a very new fan.. and by the looks of some of the posts here.. eventhough they're on haitus, they're making new orange princesses by the day =')!

    They're comeback is going to be PHENOMENAL!! I will do my best to make sure they bag the Daesang next year too =D right fellow Shinhwa Changjo? ❤

  2. Yes,yes and yes Shinhwa is ONE who can make us happy or sad.Its because of their commimments to us to return even stronger and better band. We miss them very much and waiting impatiently for them to return.Yes I must admit I”m a fan only 3 years ago, which make me realise why I miss this talented singers all this while.I’m desperatley trying to catch up with them and each I listen to their music they are simply “AWESOME”.Shinhwa is the BEST>>>>cheer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I cried so much reading this… so touching.

    You will always have each other and you will always have shinhwa changjo supporting you.

    Eric, Hyesung, Minwoo, Dongwan, Junjin and Andy… we love you.

    Orange will take over the world by storm when you guys officially reunite even though we all know you’re not really apart in your hearts

    ❤ fighting!

  4. i’m a new fan and i will start saving for my plane ticket for the next concert reunion of shinhwa. for the next 12 months i will try my best to catch up and complete my cd / dvd collection of old and new shinhwa volumes (glad there’s yesasia). this is the group i came to notice, appreciate, love and respect. they live their lives with coolness, dorkiness, and with full sense of decency. they are on top of their field and yet you can see their humility. they serve as good example for today’s younger generation to follow. together with shinhwa changjo, shinhwa, i wait for you.

  5. On their next anniv concert, Shinhwa you will see again the changjo’s love and support! I am a new fan but I am one of the testimony that even you guys are on hiatus, you also attract attention and love from the younger generation! 😀

  6. Im so sad…when i read this, i even cry…shinhwa, we will be waiting for u to come bk on stage TOGETHER!!!!

    I luv SHINHWA!!!

  7. i believe Shinhwa will never be apart, we will see all 6 of them on same stage again, with orange baloon and shinhwachangjo from all over the world..i really believe it..
    reading their message is make me sad and proud to be part as Shinhwachangjo..never in my life I have relationship as strong as Shinhwa has, so envy with them…>.<.

  8. I get sad every time I read this. The pics TT_TT <333

    “I have only my brothers here, even if I have to go to Hell with them, I would.” That is love. TT_TT

    “Even if we leave with our backs facing everyone, please smile while you’re looking at us, so that when we turn around we will see your smiles.” I could cry a river right here.

    Shinhwa, 우리가 당신을 기다릴 것입니다. You will return and see our smiling faces that faithfully waited for you. 약속.

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