free style #1

We all know how random the Shinhwa guys are – so keeping up with the spirit of randomness, this is where the random info will be… Be it random Shinhwa info, old interviews, old diary entries…

Mnet Tutorials – Step-by-step guides to registering an account on the Mnet website and voting on the M Countdown chart… courtesy of Crystalis (Amy) from Shinhwaglish

Olympic Park Stadium, 30th March 2008 – excerpts from their messages to the fans during the 10th anniversary concert…

The Shinhwa Perfect Girl Checklist – an old interview back from the 2nd album days…

10th Anniversary Production Notes – translations of all the production notes released on the 10th anniversary website…

The Army Wives’ Guide to Korean Military Service – i.e. all of us… a brief guide to the 4-week basic military training course (what Eric and Dongwan, and subsequently the other 3 members have to go through)

Now what was I just saying about being random…

9 thoughts on “free style #1

  1. hye everyone! =)
    im just curious about something,
    i just wanna know, who from each of them have a twitter or fb?
    i knew that they hv the official twitter (@ShinhwaCompany) but are there hv for their own ?
    if yes, can i get that?
    thank you in advance !!
    I LOVE ANDY ! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ ^ ^

  2. miss shinhwa so much… so grateful that there is still so much news about them and countless youtube videos to tide me over until their reunion lol

    ❤ shinhwa forever!

  3. i miss the old days when the guys are together.

    i will definitely wait for them to come together again T_T

  4. Somehow I felt a tug in my heart when I saw this pic ~ missed seeing the 6 of them this way TT

  5. LOL.. I noticed the same thing.. I found that strange.. Wannie is never normal… 😀

  6. fish heads, cream and toadstools!

    Randomness mansae!!! 😀

    The pic is somehow weirder because Wannie’s pose is not weird o.O

  7. Random is kind of in our nature…

    Random and being strange…

    Maybe that’s why we like them so much???

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