[13.01.05] Andy battles his fear of snakes from the start of the Year of the Snake

Andy’s phobia of snakes has struck from the onset of the Year of the Snake.


On the upcoming 6th Jan episode of jTBC’s ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’, snake trainer Lee Dong Hee, along with 50 snakes, was invited to the show in a special ‘Taming your pet snake’ New Year special.

Andy, who already has a phobia of reptiles to begin with, upon hearing that snakes would be present for the recording, became nervous and immediately geared himself up with a mask and gloves. As rare snakes and large snakes began to make their appearance, unlike the other members who were intrigued, Andy was petrified and hid behind. Shin Hyesung quipped, “It feels like only 5 of us are recording today.”


Even as the other members tried to get Andy to just touch the snake with his gloved fingertips, he broke out in cold sweat as he battled his fear of snakes.

Credits: Newsis + Absolut Shinhwa

[12.12.24] ShinCom Twitter: Christmas messages from the members

[ERIC] 2012 Christmas, together with M Style who’s back as ‘Cool Water’~ Have an enjoyable Christmas~ Mer-Ch!
(Caption on pics: “Grasshopper ah, if you carry on playing like this, what are you going to do when winter comes?”
“Just die, I guess.”)


[MinWoo] Hello~ This is cutie pie M style^^ Everyone have a happy and pretty white Christmas Eve~♥


[HyeSung] Hoping you have an enjoyable Christmas with your loved ones, Merry keu-ri-soom-eosseu…. ㅡㅡ; Merry Christmas~^^*


[JunJin] Hoping you have an enjoyable Christmas with your loved ones, Merry keu-ri-soom-eosseu…. ㅡㅡ; Merry Christmas~^^* Everybody’s Choongjae (that everyone loves)


[DongWan] Merry Christmas to everyone~ I’m alone at home but I’m not lonely. I’m together with an orange pie, a pear pie, and 6 sets of scripts that I have to memorize. Today’s just Monday. I guess… hehehehehehehehehe


[Andy] All my beloved Shinhwa Changjos!! Let’s end 2012 on a good note~ I hope you have an enjoyable Christmas… And be with Shinhwa in 2013 too~~~


Credits: @ShinhwaCompany + Absolut Shinhwa

[12.12.11] A summary of Shinhwa’s drinking capacities and habits

No.1: Junjin (15 bottles of soju) (does not include the beer he drinks to rinse out his mouth… WUT O_O)

– Holding on to his friends and refusing to let them go home
– Keeps on repeating things that he has already said
– Crying while talking about his feelings

(Jinnie defends himself by saying that no one wants to listen to his pent-up feelings, so he has to continue repeating himself. LOL good try. And Hyesung says even Sung Shikyung, famous for being one of showbiz’s best drinkers, says that he is no match for Jinnie. Then Jinnie goes to say that Sung Shikyung doesn’t even answer his calls these days. LOL)

No.2: Andy (6-7 bottles of soju)

– Becomes very courteous (Eric says that Andy speaks to him in honorifics, i.e. very formally, when he’s drunk)
– Starts to laugh a lot
– Keeps on repeating things that he has already said

(Andy explains that he just wants to go home as soon as possible, so he starts behaving very formally to make people uncomfortable so that they’ll let him go home. Smartypants!)

No.3: Dongwan (5 bottles of soju)

– Becomes aggressive
– Starts to laugh and aegyo a lot
– Asks to be pecked on the cheek, and gets angry if he doesn’t get it (Wannie says he even asked strangers before. I wanna be near him the next time he gets drunk.)
– Drunk-dialling ex-girlfriends
– Keeps on talking about uninteresting things (To which the members say that he does that even when he’s not drunk. LOL poor Wannie)

(Wannie says that he recently went drinking with the writers and the director and when he got drunk, he CUT THE FILM. Yikes. And he even confessed that he visited an alcohol addiction clinic in Gangnam with his manager. Oh Wannie….

Thankfully Hyesung quickly changes the topic to talk about how he asks to be pecked on the cheek – not playfully, but forcefully i.e. shaking the other party and saying ‘I want a kiss!’ Y’know.. I’d love to see Wannie drunk one of these days.

Moving on to the topic of drunk-dialling his exes, Dongwan says none of the calls have ever turned out well. Erm, understandably so? Anyway, he ends off with some advice to the girls who gets drunk-dialled by their exes: When an ex-boyfriend drunk-dials, he’s just in pursuit of some sweet comfort – so never take the call. Aw.)

Joint No.4: Eric (3 bottles of soju)

– Exposing himself
– Falling asleep on the spot
– Going on and on about lengthy conversation topics e.g. the past and future, contemplating about life
– Rapping in English
– Starts to act cute

(Dongwan relates a past incident where he was staying at the studio, and he brought a drunk Eric back. While Wannie went off the to the washroom, Eric said he was feeling warm so he started to strip himself naked (!!!) and ran around. Then he fell down and hurt his toe, and rolled on the ground grabbing his toe, yelling in pain…. Ok I really really LOVE Eric, but the mental image I have of him now is NOT pleasant… But I’d still like to see him in action. Keke.

Eric then apologized and agreed that no one should have done that… But if you really want to do that, wait til you’re alone to do it. HAHA.)

Joint No.4: Minwoo (3 bottles of soju)

– Starts calling his friends
– Excessive skinship (I wanna be near him too the next time he gets drunk.)
– Starts playing tough
– Sings his own songs if at the noraebang (that’s when Dongwan reveals that Minwoo brings his own music recordings to play and sing along too. Hee. Junjin joins in and said that because he does that because he’s part of Shinhwa and he just wants to impress – there was even once when he called his dancers to join him in his ‘performance’… LOL but how true this is I don’t know, that depends on how much Jinnie’s tremendous variety sense is at work here. Ha.)

No.6: Hyesung (2 bottles of soju)

– Keeps on repeating things that he has already said
– Disappears after paying the bill
– More skinship

(Junjin rightfully points out that Hyesung only listed his ‘good’ habits, and the others quickly chime in to add that he has lots of bad habits too. Andy recounted a time during a meeting among the members, a tipsy Hyesung went up to him and asked if he’s feeling down, and asked him to join him for a drink later, just the two of them. And after that, Andy waited for Hyesung at a street stall while grilling lamb skewers for an hour, but Hyesung didn’t appear. People recognised him and fellow celebs who saw him asked, “You…came alone?” – i.e. ‘Don’t you have any friends to hang out with?’

HAHA aww Andy. Hyesung goes into a long explanation which can be summarized as: he lost his belongings at another place before meeting Andy. Okaaaay… If you say so.)

In any case, their livers must be screaming – this much alcohol can’t be good for anyone… Drink in moderation guys! >.<

[12.12.03] The Evolution of Shinhwa’s Ideal Types

From yesterday’s (2 Dec) episode of Shinhwa Broadcast, where they were discussing why none of them has managed to get married and subsequently delved into an analysis of how their ideal types have evolved over the years… And it’s a complete riot LOLOLOL.

Shin-Brief presented a table containing descriptions either taken from past interviews or mentioned during their TV appearances, and I thought it’s a timely update from that old one that I’ve translated years ago – I hope I managed to capture everything that was listed… ^^

1998: Long hair, with tanned skin (Eric said that there could be a mistake here because this description sounded more like himself when he first made his debut. HA.)
1999: Small hands and feet, with a nude make-up look
2000: Height above 170cm, slim and cosmopolitan (by ‘cosmopolitan’ I think he means something along the lines of a city girl)
2006: A girl who’s more mature than her peers
2009: A pretty girl who treats my parents well
2012: Intellectual, cosmopolitan (He mentioned that his ideal type is someone like actress Kim Nam Joo, with a sharp and sophisticated dress sense)

1998: I like all female celebrities
1999: Chubby (Yaaaay….? LOL.)
2002: A girl who’s pretty even when she’s just wearing a white t-shirt and jeans
2004: Chubby
2005: A girl dressed in sportswear and is doing stretching (I think that was the year he was working out and hitting the gym a lot for his 2nd solo album. Hee.)
2007: Good at making money and at housekeeping
2008: Cute and chubby

(Dongwan got a lot of flak from the other guys because his descriptions seemed to be kinda contradictory LOL. At a point they riled him up so much that he just went, “YA! That’s up to ME!” HAHAHAHAHAHA.)
2000: Height of 170cm (Apparently at that time he was dating a girl with a height of 170cm)
2006: Like girls who study a lot / Doesn’t like girls with big hands / Likes girls who don’t smile easily / Ideal occupation: Kindergarten teacher (Eric pointed out that it doesn’t sound right for a kindergarten teacher to not smile in front of the kids, to which Wannie said, ‘The kindergarten teacher part is fake.’ LOL)
2008: Blood type A, conservative & modest / With a lot of dating experience
2011: A girl who doesn’t have sharp features (Jinnie asked if he meant girls who look like Mona Lisa and proceeded to break into a laughing fit. HAHAHA.)
2012: A girl who makes her own choices and is driven / Doesn’t like girls who confess first

2007: Any girl will do
2008: A girl who’s good at making kimchi
2009: I like any girl who’s kind
2011: Any girl will do as long as she just looks only at me
(Oh poor lonely Andy. LOL.)

2000: A girl who’s able to cry heartfelt tears for others
2002: A girl who’s cheerful and bright in front of others, but quiet in front of me (Even Jinnie himself said that sounded like someone with a bipolar disorder LOL.)
2007: A girl who can be a good wife and mother
2008: A girl who treats my parents well
2009: A girl who can be a good wife and mother

1998: Kind and does a lot of aegyo
2000: A girl who always carries knitting tools in her bag / Carries a handkerchief / Does a lot of aegyo
2002: Cute and does a lot of aegyo
2005: Cute and does a lot of aegyo
2006: Feminine and does a lot of aegyo
2008: A girl who can connect with the right feel and does a lot of aegyo
(The guys notice Hyesung’s penchant for aegyo and they go into HILARIOUS simulations of aegyo, including a very annoying rendition of ‘Apeunya? Na-do apeuda’ / ‘Are you hurting? I’m hurting too’ from MinJin. HAHAHAHAHAHHAA gotta watch it to experience it)

I’m not sure when the SFSubs team will release the Eng subs for this ep (on a related note, kudos to the SFSubs team. Subbing is seriously a laborious and unfortunately (sometimes) thankless job.😦 So go to their site/Twitter and thank them if you’re reading this!) but here’s the unsubbed episode to whet your appetite for now^^

Credits: Shinhwa Broadcast + Absolut Shinhwa

[12.08.01] Liveworks CEO Lee Jangeon’s Facebook update: Shinhwa Company’s 1st anniversary

The company directly set up and operated by the Shinhwa members who are writing Korean idol group history everyday…
Shinhwa Company is already celebrating its 1st anniversary^^ I hope it will continue to be a reliable pillar of strength for Shinhwa in future…
CEO Eric, the Shinhwa members and the staff… And everyone who has been supporting us… All of you have worked hard, and please continue to work hard in future^^

Credits: Lee Jangeon’s Facebook page + Absolut Shinhwa