Shinhwa to release surprise track from 13th album on 22 Oct

The countdown to Shinhwa’s comeback has begun.

Ahead of the upcoming release of their 13th album, Shinhwa will be unveiling “아는사이 (She Said)”, a track from their 13th album, on 22 Oct.(*t/n: The Korean title is literally “an acquaintance / acquainted”)

“She Said” is a mid-tempo track that depicts the ambiguous relationship between a man and a woman who are more than friends but not quite lovers either, with a sensitive melody and a gentle guitar and piano arrangement suitable for the fall season.

In particular, with the sensitive emotions expressed through the members’ vocals and the unique rap, the song shows the confusing boundaries between friendship and love. The lyric “we’re just acquaintances” defines their relationship, and is likely to strike a sympathetic chord with many.

In addition, together with the news of the surprise release, the first photo from their comeback has also captured attention. In the photo, the Shinhw members are basking in the glow of the warm sunlight, and fans have reacted enthusiastically to seeing the six members after a long break.

Shinhwa’s agency Shinhwa Company said, “For the fans who have waited a long time for the release of Shinhwa’s 13th album, we will be doing a surprise release of “She Said” from the album on 22nd Oct. The members are now busy putting the final touches on the album and looking forward to lots of support for the new album.”

Source: Sports Chosun

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