Already excited… 3 new things to watch out for on ‘3 Meals A Day – Fishing Village Season 3’

Having introduced viewers to Manjaetopia, tvN is now heading to Deukryang-do in Goheung County, South Jeolla Province for Season 3 of ‘3 Meals A Day – Fishing Village’.

The cast and crew departed Nokdong Port on 23 September to head to Deukryang-do for the first filming session of Season 3 and is expected to stay there over the next 3 days and 2 nights.

▲ The advance of the grouch – the return of Lee Seo Jin

The grouchy Lee Seo Jin is back – he who grumbled his way through ‘3 Meals A Day – Jeongseon edition’ yet managed to focus on his cooking duties. Through the ‘Over Flowers’ series and the ‘3 Meals A Day’ series, Lee Seo Jin and PD Na Young Suk have been demonstrating their exceptional chemistry.

Like how Cha Seung Won, Yoo Hae Jin and Son Ho Joon – who had led the previous seasons of ‘3MAD – Fishing Village’ – had left the fishing village to create new memories in Gochang, Lee Seo Jin is also leaving Jeongsun for Deukryangdo.

For the new season, Lee Seo Jin worked on getting an operating licence for small vessels. It’s the first time in 3MAD history that a cast member will be piloting the boat. According to the production team, “It will be something to watch out for, with Lee Seo Jin working for his small vessel operating licence and personally piloting the boat to head out to the seas.”

▲ Come on in, Eric and Yoon Kyun Sang – ‘3 Meals A Day’ is your first time isn’t it?

Through tvN’s ‘Another Oh Hae Young’ and SBS’s ‘Doctors’, Eric and Yoon Kyun Sang both had a great first half of the year, and are now topping that off as the new members of the fishing village edition of 3MAD. Together with Lee Seo Jin, they will form a new fishing village brotherhood.

In the preview clip released last week, Lee Seo Jin couldn’t hid his delight at seeing his fellow ‘Phoenix’ co-star Eric, heightening anticipation for their perfect brotherly chemistry. Moreover, Eric has also shown glimpses of his charm through some of his earlier variety appearances, and viewers are even more glad to have him join the cast.

Anticipation is also building for Yoon Kyun Sang, who has caught PD Na Young Suk’s eye as a prospective rising variety star. Having left a deep impression with his roles in dramas such as ‘Pinocchio’, ‘Six Flying Dragons’ and ‘Doctors’, Yoon Kyun Sang hasn’t really made many variety appearances. Viewers are looking forward to seeing what type of charm he will show as the new maknae.

▲ Shinan Manjaedo → Goheung Deukryangdo

The new season has found its way to Deukryangdo in Goheung County, South Jeolla Province. Compared to Manjaedo in Shinan County, Deukryangdo’s accessibility is much better. The island is located between Goheung and Boseong, and is twice as big as Manjaedo at 1.35 square kilometres. The island was also the filming location for the movie ‘Pure Love (Unforgettable)’ starring Do Kyung Soo and Kim So Hyun, and boasts of exceptional scenery.

The production team hopes that “viewers will look forward to the charms of the island with its abundant supply of seafood and beautiful scenery.”

The new season of ‘3 Meals A Day – Fishing Village’ will air its first episode on 14 October at 9.15pm (KST).

Source: Xportsnews via Naver

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