Shinhwa to make comeback in October, preparations underway for year-end concert

Male group Shinhwa will be making their comeback in October this year.

According to an industry insider (t/n: I don’t like posting articles with info from “industry insiders”… but since Liveworks CEO Lee Jang Eon shared this news link on FB I would think this ‘insider’ should have some level of credibility :p ), Shinhwa is currently working on releasing their 13th album in October. They are also planning for activities as a full unit in the later half of the year, with the start of their album promotional activities in October and a year-end concert in December.

Shinhwa released their 12th album ‘WE’ in February last year with successful results, making a strong show of their top-tier group status. In particular, the title track ‘Sniper’ received excellent reviews and went on to achieve a 10-win record.

In order to repay the fans for their support and to show their dignified status of ‘longevity idols’, Shinhwa is hard at work preparing for their comeback. Lee Minwoo even shared an Instagram post about working on their new song.

“new song~ make a first recording #shinhwanewalbum #firstrecording #start”

Meanwhile the Shinhwa members remain active with their individual activities. Shin Hyesung and Lee Minwoo are currently appearing on the Mnet program ‘Boys 24’, and Shin Hyesung will also be holding concerts in Shanghai and Nanjing on 13 Aug and 10 Sept respectively. Eric has recently wrapped up the hit tvN drama ‘Another Oh Hae Young’, receiving rave reviews for his performance.

Source: Mydaily via Naver

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