Kim Dongwan makes 46 million KRW donation to unwed mothers

Shinhwa member Kim Dongwan has been donating regularly to charitable causes and this time round he has made a generous contribution to unwed mothers.

According to findings by OSEN journalists, Kim Dongwan had donated 46 million KRW (approx 40,285USD) to Green Umbrella ChildFund in support of unwed mothers. Last year, he had also made a donation towards supporting disadvantaged children for the winter season.

Kim Dongwan has been known for his consistent support towards single-parent families, and in light of the government’s recent budget cuts towards welfare for unwed mothers, he made the donation this time in the hopes that he can help in his own small way.

This isn’t the first time that Kim Dongwan has made a charitable donation. He has made contributions towards relief efforts for the Sichuan earthquake in 2008, Super Typhoon Haiyan in Philippines in 2013, and also for the Nepal earthquake last year.

Since 2013, Kim Dongwan has also been contributing regularly to the House of Sharing, a welfare facility for surviving comfort women, and has made donations whenever there is an opportunity to. He also volunteers in year-end charity projects to deliver coal briquettes to underprivileged households.

In an appearance on MBC’s Radio Star last year, Kim Dongwan had said, “When people make donations, they worry about whether all the funds go towards the cause, and I do too. So by saying this out, I hope that the donations are used properly.”

Meanwhile, Kim Dongwan has remained active with Shinhwa promotions and acting projects. He recently headlined the musical production of Edgar Allen Poe.

Source: OSEN / Naver

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