Eric, “Shinhwa activities come before acting”

It’s Shinhwa before acting for Eric, who recently wrapped up filming on tvN’s latest hit drama Oh Hae Young Again.

When asked about his criteria for choosing his dramas, “I select the scripts but taking into consideration the larger issues surrounding Shinhwa concerts, I reject projects that overlap with Shinhwa activities.”


Showing his affection for his longtime group Shinhwa, “We all met at a young age in our early twenties and we spent almost twenty years together as Shinhwa. It would be difficult to renounce all this time together. Moreover, it’s because of Shinhwa that I’m able to be an actor.”

When asked about his plans for his next project, he shared that “Shinhwa will be releasing an album at the end of the year and will continue with promotions in Korea. After that we will be going on an Asian tour until March.”

Source: SportsQ

One thought on “Eric, “Shinhwa activities come before acting”

  1. I love how he didn’t have to spell it out directly but the reporter can pickup Eric’s priority.

    Pray that the good scripts also fall outside of Shinhwa’s activity period. Eric’s window for acting projects is small, smaller when he also works on the production with uri Minwoo (who’s in charge for a major part of the album making) and other managerial duties.

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