Eric, “Seo Hyun Jin as an actress is a treasure” (Pt 1/4)


Actor-singer Eric has nothing but praise for his Oh Hae Young Again co-star Seo Hyun Jin.

In a wrap-up interview held on 30th June for the tvN drama Oh Hae Young Again, Eric said that his co-star Seo Hyun Jin “as an actress is a treasure.”

Oh Hae Young Again portrays the romance between Oh Hae Young (played by Seo Hyun Jin), whose engagement was broken a day before the wedding, and Park Do Kyung (played by Eric), who has prophetic visions of the near future. The drama quickly became a hit with Seo Hyun Jin’s adorably comical portrayal of the titular character in the first half of the drama, and Eric’s intense emotional acting in the later half.

“Seo Hyun Jin is an actress whom we can describe as the best. On the set we call her sagikae (originally a gaming term, but also used to describe someone who is outstandingly talented in many ways). Her acting skills are of course great, but she also livens up the atmosphere on the set.”

“Since filming MBC’s Super Rookie (2005), it’s the first time I filmed overnight for 5 nights in a row. Towards the end it was physically grueling. Park Do Kyung is taciturn by nature so my lines tend to be lesser, but there are a lot of lines to memorize for Oh Hae Young. Even so, the filming wasn’t hindered because of the script at all. I tend to keep still on set to preserve my energy, but Hyun Jin moves around the set animatedly. That’s how the atmosphere is kept lively. During the first 3 weeks or so, when the rest of us witnessed Hyun Jin’s antics on the set, we joked among ourselves that we’d better assist Hyun Jin well for our own sake.”


Unreserved in his praises for Seo Hyun Jin, Eric added, “If not carefully handled, Oh Hae Young could have become an unlikable character. But Hyun Jin’s natural charm made it work. When I read the script, Park Do Kyung fell for Oh Hae Young after listening to her story about the class president election, but I thought that he already fell for her on the road. During the scene where they were eating noodles, didn’t he tell her that she looked pretty when she eats? If Park Do Kyung didn’t already fall for Oh Hae Young then, then he would have been a flirt. Since his character isn’t a Casanova-type, that means he would have already had feelings for her to have said that, and as it so happened, since he unwittingly divulged his real feelings, he tried to salvage the situation.”

In the later half of the drama, their romance picked up momentum and kiss scenes often appeared. “Typically kiss scenes appear quite early on in dramas, but in Oh Hae Young Again, the intense kiss scenes appear as we move into the later half of the drama. I really felt burdened.”

“That’s why Seo Hyun Jin and I had a lot of discussions. Our first kiss scene was the ‘wall kiss’ and we discussed and rehearsed a lot. Thanks to that, we were more comfortable with the kiss scenes that came after that. If we consider that we took a more technical approach to choreograph the wall kiss, then the kiss scenes after that were done with more heartfelt emotions.

Viewership ratings for the drama started off at 2.2% (Nielsen Korea) but managed to climb steadily and ended on a high at 10.6%.

Source: Edaily



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