Eric, “Proud to be working with fellow singers-turned-actors” (Pt 4/4)


Including Shinhwa member Eric, the cast of Oh Hae Young Again also featured other singer-turned-actors including Youngji from Kara, Seo Hyun Jin formerly from M.I.L.K and Jeon Hye Bin formerly from LUV. Kim Ji Suk also made his debut in 2001 as a rapper with dance group Rio.

“Although the drama is a success, at first I was worried. Even with one idol-turned-actor, people would already have a prejudiced view, and in this drama, the cast is mostly made up of actors who started out as singers. It may not be a well-known fact, but Lee Jae Yoon also featured as a rapper in Chunja’s 2004 track “Women With Beautiful Mind”. But now I’m proud to be working with all these singers-turned-actors.”


When asked about the Shinhwa members’ response to the drama, he said with a laugh, “If I act cool in a drama, the members would make fun of me by imitating me. This time round, the context of the character doesn’t require acting cool or overt displays of emotions, so they can’t find anything to make fun of. Usually Minwoo would watch my dramas, but this time the other members also watched it. Even for me, I watch the drama as a viewer and wonder when Monday will come when the episode ends.”

On Shinhwa’s upcoming plans, he shared that the group has plans to embark on album promotions towards the end of the year as well as an Asian tour until next March.


Source: Edaily

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