Eric, “I want to work with Seo Hyun Jin again”


Playing the character of Park Do Kyung who has the ability to see visions of the near future, Eric demonstrated one of the best ever onscreen chemistry with Seo Hyun Jin who plays Average Oh Hae Young, with whom Park Do Kyung shares a bittersweet romance.

Before moving on to acting, Eric and Seo Hyun Jin made their respective debuts with Shinhwa in 1998 and M.I.L.K in 2001. Both groups were under SM Entertainment, making the two of them former labelmates.

“I don’t remember Hyun Jin from back then. We had a music video together but our filming was done separately. I don’t recall seeing Hyun Jin then. I only remember meeting Hyun Jin at a gathering after she did a drama together with Dongwan.”

On the pleasant atmosphere on the set, as well as the amazing chemistry he shares with Seo Hyun Jin, “All this while, I usually get to know my female co-stars better after we start chatting at the wrap-up parties. But with Hyun Jin, we got close very quickly. If it’s possible, I’d like to work with Hyun Jin again. It’s enjoyable when you work with good people.”

“In our group chat, we talk about Hyun Jin being a sagikae (originally a gaming term, but also used to describe someone who is outstandingly talented in many ways). There’s nothing she can’t do, and everything works for her. She has a good voice, she dances so her movements are good, and I never realized that she’s this pretty. Maybe it’s thanks to the director’s magic that I come out looking good and Hyun Jin looks really pretty. Looks, popularity, acting, movement, voice – she doesn’t miss anything. Her stamina is really good too. We get barely an hour of sleep and we shot for 5 days in a row, it’s the first time since Super Rookie that this happened for me. Despite that, Do Kyung has less lines so I get to catch short naps in between scenes, and I don’t really talk on the set to conserve energy. But Hyun Jin has a lot of lines to memorize and even though she had stayed up overnight for many days, she laughs, takes care of the staff and makes jokes to liven up the mood. It’s the first time I’ve seen an actress like that. I’ve never even seen any actors like this.” (t/n: Just get married already!)

The various kiss scenes the two shared, including the wall kiss and the chair kiss, were hot topics that generated much interest, and were in fact ideas that came from Eric himself.

“The first wall kiss was really intense. Once we shot that, the following kiss scenes became much easier. We wanted to execute the wall kiss well so we really went into the details like the flow of our movements, before the actual filming. After that the kiss scenes with Hyun Jin were much more freestyle. More than the technical elements, we were able to show the emotions more freely.”

Source: StarSeoul TV

One thought on “Eric, “I want to work with Seo Hyun Jin again”

  1. “After that the kiss scenes with Hyun Jin were much more freestyle.” you meant “we were much more freestyle”?

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