Eric, “Feels like the universe helped out with the unexpected popularity” (Pt 3/4)


At a wrap-up interview for the tvN hit drama Oh Hae Young Again, Eric shared that he did not have high expectations for the viewership ratings.

“When filming just started, I hoped to cross the 3% mark, and if it surpassed 5% then I would have considered it a hit. I thought if we could pull off the jump-hug scene in episode 4, then it could be a big success. Among ourselves we called it the flying squirrel scene, and there was a commotion about it in our group chat.”

“When I first read the script for the flying squirrel scene, I thought, “we’re screwed”. We shot that scene after sunset for about 9 hours. There wasn’t any prior notice and suddenly we were using wires. That depleted a lot of our energy. Hyun Jin was hanging off the wires for 5 to 6 hours and even she got confused whether it was a fantasy scene or reality. Although acting is first and foremost for actors, I was wondering whether she’d be alright. I thought it would be great if (the scene) didn’t turn out weird. When I watched the the scene on my phone without audio, it felt unnatural. But when I watched it on a large screen at home with the background music, it was fine. The music was the final piece of the puzzle. That was a moment when the lines, the cinematography, the acting and everything else just clicked into place.”


“Many aspects of Oh Hae Young Again just fell into place and worked. When the surrounding circumstances are really bad, accidents happen and the mood on the set becomes grim.”

While he doesn’t go into further details, Eric has encountered several twists and turns with his previous dramas. In his 2011 KBS drama Spy Myungwol, his co-star Han Ye Seul caused a stir when she went AWOL. In his 2006 MBC drama Wolf, an accident with a stunt car left him hospitalized for 8 weeks.

“This time round we completed the drama on a good note with no accidents and a great working atmosphere.I haven’t experienced this before but probably there may not be anything like this in future. Even the unintentional scenes were broadly interpreted by viewers who looked kindly upon the drama. It feels like the universe helped out.”

“In the past, after filming has wrapped up I would feel burnt out and not want to do anything. This time round, I was very spurred on. Mostly by Hyun Jin, of course. In the past, I faced difficulties in analyzing the scene or expressing my emotions, but after this drama, I realised that I can express myself in various ways. I now want to study and do more research, and my affection for acting seemed to have grown.”

Source: Edaily

2 thoughts on “Eric, “Feels like the universe helped out with the unexpected popularity” (Pt 3/4)

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  2. “It feels like the universe helped out.” ~ why does I thought of Shincom’s “the universe has google translate” XD

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