Words of advice from Shinhwa’s Eric to junior idols

Eric, leader of 1st generation idol group Shinhwa, has left some words of advice for his juniors.

In an interview held on 16th Oct, Eric shared his own thoughts on the recent spate of idol group withdrawals and controversies.

Eric’s group Shinhwa made their debut in March 1998 and has remained active for the past 16 years. As part of the so-called 1st-generation idol groups, Shinhwa is the only group to have remained active all these years without any change of members or disbandment.

When asked to comment on the secret to the group’s longevity, Eric calmly responded that “there is only a paper-thin difference”.

“It’s not that we’re especially different, and there isn’t any special secret either. We’ve also faced the same kind of dilemmas that they are facing now. Thinking about it now, just like the good rapport we have with the people we work with, we clearly had some good luck in some areas. Eventually, there is only a paper-thin difference.”

“The issue is whether we hang in there, or whether we insist on being stubborn. There’s nothing different for Shinhwa. It’s not that we’re particularly better people so we give way and tolerate one another, even for Shinhwa we’ve also experienced very stormy times. Fortunately we weathered those times well, and I’m thankful to the members.”

Shinhwa, with its title of being the longest-running idol group, has been referred to the most by younger idol groups, who look to Shinhwa as role models. Though Eric humbly said, “I’m not in a position to offer advice to the juniors”, his heartfelt words about weathering the stormy times can’t get any more touching.

Eric cautiously added, “It’s something that could happen to anyone. Just that at the decisive moment, it’s important to think twice.”

Shinhwa is currently preparing for their new album, and is scheduled to make their comeback with their 12th album in the first week of 2015, their 17th year since their debut.

Source: xsportnews

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