Discovery of Romance: Written preview for Ep 3

Episode 3 :: Can’t Even Say It’s Jealousy

Yeoreum receives a sudden proposal from Hajin.
But Yeoreum thinks it would be pushing it to get married in her current circumstances and returns the ring box.
Meanwhile, after running into Ahrim at the hospital, a concerned Hajin realizes the situation she’s in.

“It will turn out the way I want it to. You can be assured of it.”

Yeoreum and Taeha gets involved in a business relationship.
Hajin joins in during an intense meeting between them and the three of them ends up together in one place.

Source: DoR official website


2 thoughts on “Discovery of Romance: Written preview for Ep 3

  1. Yeoreum retuns the ring cus it was sudden or cus she doesn’t have money?

    That mysterious relationship between Hajin & Ahrim, I want to know more. He might be the one caused that scar on her arm…..?

    Expecting more spectacular bickering from Taeha & Yeoreum now that they’re in a business relationship :p

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