A rom-com like a midsummer night’s dream is here – ‘Discovery of Romance’ (Ep 1 spoiler alert)

A belated confession. A chance encounter 5 years later is just like a midsummer night’s dream.

The chance encounter between Han Yeoreum (Jung Yumi) and her ex-boyfriend Kang Taeha (Eric) was depicted in the first episode of KBS2’s new Mon-Tue drama ‘Discovery of Romance’ on 18th August.

Their break-up was a result of Yeoreum’s one-sided decision to call things off. Fed up with Taeha’s blunt and insensitive ways, Yeoreum eventually chose to break off with him. Totally not knowing the reason for the break-up, Taeha was open to staying as friends, but it was different for Yeoreum. She has already found a new boyfriend, plastic surgeon Hajin (Sung Joon), after being attracted to each other at first sight.

Meeting Taeha again ironically happened because of Hajin. Yeoreum is tailing Hajin, who is in the midst of a blind date, when she runs into Taeha. Yeoreum yells out, “You’re really wicked. You went for a blind date and kept me in the dark. We were so happy back then”, followed by a splash of water to Taeha’s face. In spite of this, Taeha plays along, “I know I’m wrong, will you give me one more chance?”

After they mistakenly take off with each other’s cellphone, they meet again. A drunk Yeoreum asks, “Is this a dream? Are we seeing each other again?” Taeha replies ruefully, “It’s not a dream. Because you’re a woman who will never appear in my dreams. Even when I miss you and pray for you to appear in my dreams just once.”

Yeoreum pours out her sadness about the past, “It’s a dream then, because you’re not a guy who says things like that. A guy who makes me wait everyday, a guy who makes me ill at ease by myself, a guy who has many more things that are more important than me. How can you say you like me and then treat me so lightly?”

But they continue to be bound by destiny. Yeoreum is shocked when she finds herself dressed only in her underwear and Taeha lying next to her, having spent the night intoxicated by alcohol and the atmosphere. In the midst of this, Yeoreum goes into a state of panic when Hajin calls. In the end she makes up one lie after another, and her relationship with Hajin goes into crisis mode. On the other hand, the preview shows Taeha continuing to go towards Yeoreum, heightening the anticipation to how the plot will develop from here.

Source: TV Report / Naver

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