Discovery of Romance: Character descriptions (remaining characters)


DO JUNHO (played by Yoon Hyun Min)
33, male, plastic surgery specialist at Bombom Plastic Surgery

Neighborhood oppa of Yeoreum who grew up together with her and Yoon Sol. After his parents emigrated to New Zealand, he ended up staying at Yeoreum’s place.

Fundamentally an optimist. Approachable. Playful and mischievous. As a result of being harassed by Yeoreum and Sol, he knows better than anyone else how to humour the ladies. He’s not good at rejecting others. In fact he’s extremely soft-hearted. And easy. The world refers to him as a ladies’ man.

Moving from this girl to that girl, he has been in romantic relationships that are casual and friendly. But now he has grown sick and tired of such relationships. It seems like a waste of time to meet, do a background check, eat food that’s not to his taste and spend money. Romance? It’ll be nice to have it. But firstly, motivation doesn’t happen until upon meeting. Along the way the romance cells will be awakened from hibernation (t/n: the paragraph somehow seems cut off here, but I’ll update this section again if there are updates on the website)



YOON SOL (played by Kim Seul Gi)
32, female, furniture designer, co-CEO of Summer & Pine (Yeoreum & Sonamu)

Born a week earlier than Yeoreum, and whose parents are close friends of Yeoreum’s parents. Grew up together with Yeoreum and Junho in the same neighborhood and are as close as siblings. Her father used to operate a taekwondo school and her mother was a teacher, and her parents moved to her father’s hometown in Gangneung to run a resort pension right after she entered university.

Since she was young, her friends have nicknamed her ‘pine tree’ (sonamu). It’s not because of her name, instead it’s because of her unchanging personality. Dense, slow, sleepy… A girl who’s really like a pine tree.

Once she starts a relationship, she would be wildly enthusiastic. Throwing out straightforward comments randomly. A naive girl who moves straight ahead without expecting anything in return. She can’t hide her happiness, and she gets incomprehensibly dumped as she offers everything that she has. After being dumped by Choi Eun Gyu, she sees this as a necessary turning point in her love life.

One morning, as she starts developing and enjoying a delicate relationship with Director Yoon whom she has been working together, Do Junho suddenly seems to have started to like her.

Why has my life suddenly become so fantastic? Is this a dream?


55, female, drama writer, mother of Han Yeoreum

A drama writer with fans calling her ‘Shin Yoon Hee that we trust and watch’, who secures her own world with ratings and the quality of her works.

Her works are reviewed as warm and kind dramas, dramas that people watch with a smile on their faces. In particular she’s talented in creating attractive and charming characters.

However, in reality there’s a great deal of difference between her and the works that she produces. She hates the idea of ageing, likes money, likes branded goods, extravagant, snobby and dual-natured. There’s no other way besides shopping for her to relieve the stress of writing.

Although she writes earnestly of maternal love in her dramas, she’s a selfish mother to her daughter Han Yeoreum. Especially when it comes to money matters, she calculates every single cent. “The money that I made from squeezing my blood to write, why should I share it with you? It’s enough for me to raise and feed you until you’re 20!”

Even though she’s thorough, there are bound to be cracks. After the incident that she couldn’t open up even to her daughter Han Yeoreum, she gradually hardened her heart to train herself. Only Bae Min Soo, who has known her for a long time, knows about what cracks a woman like this.


56, male, CEO of drama production company

Used to be a hotshot drama director yelling out instructions on the set, wearing a duffle coat and a baseball cap pulled low over his face. Unlike his rough appearance, the romantic and lyrical aesthetics of his works have viewers crying and laughing along. Now a cold city middle-ager dressed and looking good in suits.

Once a free-spirited and gentle romanticist, but that’s all in the past. Running a drama production company, he has unknowingly become an acute and cool-headed businessman. The only time he unwinds is when he’s in front of writer Shin Yoon Hee, who’s signed under his company but doesn’t treat him as the boss.


YOON JUNG MOK (played by Lee Seung Joon)
37, male, director of design team at DK Construction

Became associated with Taeha after he joined the company that Taeha’s father was running. The tables turned for him after Taeha, who was working under him since his college days, became his boss but he didn’t mind it at all.

Only that he has been unable to have a proper relationship because of Taeha’s hassling. When Taeha’s in a relationship, Jung Mok isn’t; when Taeha takes a break from relationships, Jung Mok is in one. The problem is the latter case. When Jung Mok is trying to progress in a relationship, it will inevitably fail because Taeha harasses him by piling all the work on him.

Though no matter where he goes, people think he’s ageing well, in reality he leads the life of a 37 year old bachelor. But at this moment, at the perfect timing when Taeha is struggling in his love life, Sol captures his attention. He keeps getting drawn to this woman who pays a lot of attention to how he doesn’t act his age.


HAJIN’S MOTHER (played by Sung Byung Sook) (t/n: don’t think they gave her a name unfortunately…)
56, female

Hajin’s mother. Contrary to her desire to come across as an elegant high society lady, there’s something eccentric and adorable about her. Leads a ‘silent couple’ life with her husband, communicating via post-its with him. Strongly attached to son Hajin.


CHOI EUN GYU (played by Gu Won)
32, male, marketing team staff at a conglomerate

Sol’s boyfriend. Practical and smart. Has many girls after him with his outstanding appearance but prior to entering the company he cut off all romance and worked hard on his preparation for employment. Tries hard to be calculating.


JANG GI EUN (played by Jung Soo Young)
35, female, Shin Yoon Hee’s assistant writer

Has been an assistant writer for 3 years after leaving a large conglomerate despite having quickly risen up the ranks. Although she quit the company and became an assistant writer, but from some point onwards, she hasn’t been able to return to romance. Once in what she pretended was the romance of the century, she recalls the time she said she was in relationship where they were madly in love like Romeo & Juliet. But now she proclaims that ‘marriage is a crazy thing’, firmly believes that the cells of love are the fastest to age, and freezes people out.

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