Discovery of Romance main teaser + preview (translated) + BTS vid

Isn’t this the funnest teaser vid like ever??

And finally, the preview!! We’re in for a great ride!!

Yeoreum: Let’s break up.
Taeha: Say something that makes sense!
Yeoreum: I worry by myself, wait for you alone, and I feel really really lonely even when I’m with you. Is this being in love?

Taeha: Even when I think about it now, I don’t know why we broke up. Because of her, I seem to have become a romance reject.

Yeoreum: Because of that person I’ve changed my attitude towards love.

Hajin: Can I kiss…
Yeoreum: How can you ask me…? You should just do it…

Yeoreum: It’s my boyfriend. He’s a really great guy.

Taeha: It’s been a long time.

Yeoreum: We were so happy then…

Taeha: If I told you to break up with that guy and come back to me, would you?


And one more for the road… BTS!

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