Discovery of Romance: Drama concept



The melodrama films in Korea are changing.
Melos featuring main characters with peculiar personalities that we’ve never seen in the 20th century, and the kind of romance storylines in these movies would have been called “worthless and lame romance” in the past. Now they would receive rave reviews for their “realism”.

Why? Because the sensitivities of romance in this age has changed from the 20th century.

But, while films are following the sensitivities of real-life romance, the lovers in TV dramas are still unable to take even one step away from the myth of romantic love. There’s a thirst and desire to produce melos that are different, but there has been no change in terms of the sensitivity of melos, and it’s only the background that changes. Thus, the viewers have spoken up. They have now gotten sick and tired of melo dramas. ‘Sick of melos’, ‘the age of melo dramas has passed’. The discontent of the viewers can also been seen as an expression of their fervent wish to finally see a new type of melodramas.

If so, let’s now talk about a real-life romance story! Sticking close to reality,  talking about how love torments us, how ridiculous it makes us, how painful it is to take off the masks that we painstakingly put on!!!



Between the person who has left and the person coming towards you, between love that has changed and love that has begun, between the heart you want to protect and the heart that has already changed.. Let’s take a good listen to all these countless stories.

Dangerously fluttering hearts and impertinent desire, boiling jealousy and explosive rage, our selfishness and obsession hidden deep in the emotions of what we call and believe is ‘love’!

Love moves, and hearts can also change.
But their love is sincere too!!!

Unique characters… their bickering, the chaos, the series of misfortunes, their moments of confusion and doubt,  their times of happiness, their sweet savagery!

This drama is unreservedly honest, and an unpretentiously wild romantic comedy!



A drama that expands ‘how they love’ to ‘how they understand and communicate with each other, and ending with ‘how they grow’. And so, we want to lead everyone to give a nod of approval to their love, and conclude that life is worthwhile and love is beautiful.

From KBS Discovery of Romance official homepage

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