Discovery of Romance: Character descriptions (Nam Ha Jin / Ahn Ah Rim)


NAM HA JIN (played by Sung Joon)
32, male, plastic surgery specialist. Director of Bombom Plastic Surgery.

Possesses Prince Charming-type looks, a warm and gentle personality, rational and doesn’t get carried away by emotions. Logical and wise. He may seem infinitely gentle, but he is in fact a very strong person.

When he’s in love, he doesn’t confuse with pointless push-pull tactics. He’s a reliable man who instills trust with his devotion by preciously cherishing every moment. In this manner, he has comfortably been in a relationship with Yeoreum for 2 years.

While it is obvious that Yeoreum is using her wiles and trying to tame him, he doesn’t pretend to know. Because he knows that Yeoreum shows him her adorable side to please him. A love pro who knows how to tame the other party without her realising it.

But one day, he encounters Ah Rim, who has been existing in a painful past that he couldn’t tell anyone about. While he tried to look for her before, now that Ah Rim has appeared he couldn’t reveal himself. Only by carefully looking for ways he can help Ah Rim is he able to maintain a close relationship with her. When Yeoreum finds out about the existence of Ah Rim and asks about her, Hajin is unable to come clean about how the two of them are related and their shared past.

“Your heart is fluttering, right? You’ve been wanting to meet other girls instead of me, right?” When Yeoreum first asked that , it was clearly not the case. But as time passed, this conscience of mine is somehow no longer clear. Am I really feeling my heart flutter?



AHN AH RIM (played by Yoon Jin Yi)
27, female, undergraduate majoring in social welfare studies

Determined and plucky, honest, kind. Innocent and well-groomed. Laughs gently. There’s no one who can find any trace of an orphan on such a face.

Repeating the process of taking time off school and going back to school, she has continued her studies and is one semester away from graduating. Unable to stay still for even an hour, holding three part-time jobs is basic for her. In such circumstances, she considered romance a distant thought, but an extremely handsome Daddy Long Legs appeared.

Suddenly offering to treat the injury on her arm and coming towards her, that person was Nam Ha Jin. Initially thinking of him as a kind doctor, she gradually gets drawn towards the kind and friendly Ha Jin. She starts to see him as a man. She knows that the world is a cold place, other people will just mind their own business, and and she’s a woman who’s quick to give up… But she can’t give up on her heart that’s going towards him.

Moreover, he’s the person she has been looking for. The desire that’s bubbling over. Perhaps she’s the most passionate and determined part in this love triangle. Her love has never waned, and her heart has never had a sliver of doubt. She stubbornly looks at only one direction, she sees only Ha Jin.

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