Discovery of Romance: Character descriptions (Han Yeoreum / Kang Taeha)


HAN YEOREUM (played by Jung Yumi)
32, female, furniture designer, CEO of Summer & Pine (Yeoreum & Sonamu)

The daughter of drama writer Shin Yoon Hee, who has left to live in her work studio. Lives with friends Yoon Sol and Do Junho in her mother’s house. Grew to develop a practical and livelihood-type personality from a young age due to the influence of her mother, who even loaned her money in return for a promissory note from her when she was setting up her workshop, and collects monthly rent in the name of boarding expenses.

Smart and straightforward. Cheerful and bubbly. Positive. Humorous. Sly, turning on the nasal aegyo and flattery if she realises she has something to gain after tapping away on the calculator in her head. In particular, a push-pull expert who clearly knows what she wants in a relationship and knows how to gain the upper hand. Has been in a relationship with plastic surgeon Nam Hajin for 2 years.

A cute same-age couple who comes and goes in each other’s home freely, doesn’t hold back on their display of affection in front of Junho and Sol even if they get scolded. Although people around them have been telling them it’s time to get married, they haven’t specifically brought up the word ‘marriage’ yet.

Just when she has settled in a stable relationship after a long while, a twist of fate brings one man in front of her. A man who totally makes her heart waver! His name is Kang Taeha! When she was 22, after aimlessly boarding a train headed for Jinju in search of her friend Sol’s love, she met him and gave her first kiss to him! The man she then dated for 5 years, Kang Taeha!

Even though people don’t change, no, even if people do change, the ex-boyfriend doesn’t change, isn’t that what people say?



KANG TAEHA (played by Eric)
34, male, CEO of DK Construction

A man full of fearless confidence and arrogance, whether it’s work or love. Speaks his mind with a straight-shooting and direct style of speech to express exactly what he wants. Because of his meticulousness, he knows what hurts others.

However, because of his fussiness, he can’t help but hurt people; because of his arrogance, when he hurts people, he stomps over them to prevent them from struggling to stand up again; because he’s a complex person he regrets it right away and makes excuses; because he’s calculating, he’s patronizing when he treats someone well.

Other people are not important. His heart is always the most important, and he thinks of people who beat around the bush to avoid hurting others as cowards. He thinks that speaking honestly is being considerate to the other party.

And so, every now and then he hears people saying that he does as he pleases, and he often hears himself being called big-headed, and his confidence is seen as empty bravado.

But he’s the most romantic man when it comes to the decisive moment in love. If he falls in love, he can also become really pathetic. Because of this, he broke up with Yeoreum 5 years ago. He came to his senses and on a day when he was missing Yeoreum, Yeoreum herself appeared in front of Kang Taeha…

As a set with her boyfriend Nam Hajin. And so his heart becomes complicated as he ends up falling in love with Yeoreum after meeting her again…… But… Wait a minute. The two of them aren’t married yet, right? Isn’t that so? And Han Yeoreum, you’re aware of my heart, aren’t you?

From KBS Discovery of Romance official homepage

2 thoughts on “Discovery of Romance: Character descriptions (Han Yeoreum / Kang Taeha)

  1. Thanks so much for translating all the character’s description.

    Most of the news said Taeha & Hajin has different charms that attract, thou, the description on the official site doesn’t give off Taeha much charm (if it stays true to what said there).

    Pretty surprise there’s hardly photo/updates on Yoon Jin Yi as 2nd female leads compare to other supporting casts. Make me wonder if her role here is meaty at all…..

    btw, is that Ahn Suk Hwan (Jae Hee’s dad in Delightful Girl Choon Hyang) playing Bae Min Soo?

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