‘Discovery of Romance’ Tough guy Eric vs sweet guy Sung Joon, who will appeal more?

Mun Jung Hyuk and Sung Joon, the two male leads of upcoming KBS2’s Mon-Tue drama ‘Discovery of Romance’ (writer Jung Hyun Jung, director Kim Sung Yoon & Lee Eung Bok), are set to slay female hearts with their opposite charms. Playing interior design firm CEO Kang Tae Ha and plastic surgeon Nam Ha Jin respectively, the two men will vie for the heart of Han Yeo Reum (played by Jung Yumi).

Han Yeo Reum’s ex-boyfriend, Kang Tae Ha, has a fierce competitive streak and a tough masculine charm. On the other hand, Yeo Reum’s current boyfriend Nam Ha Jin is thoughtful and kind with a gentle personality and good manners. With opposite personalities that both appeal to females, anticipation is already building up for the battle of charms between the two men as they make a move for Yeo Reum’s affections.

In writer Jang Hyun Jung’s previous ‘I Need Romance’ series, male leads with different types of appeal polarized viewers in their support for either character. Similarly for ‘Discovery of Romance’, Kang Tae Ha and Nam Ha Jin are just as likely to divide the viewers into two camps. Curiosity is also building up as to which of the two Han Yeo Reum will ultimately pick.

A rep from production company JS Pictures said, “Writer Jung Hyun Jung has an outstanding ability to create attractive and charming male characters. Though preferences will probably diverge for the characters of Kang Tae Ha and Nam Ha Jin, these characters are representative of the ideal men of this generation and female viewers will find both of them just as attractive. We hope viewers will look forward to the opposite charms of the two men as they vie for Han Yeo Reum’s affections.”

By depicting Han Yeo Reum’s growth as she seeks love in ‘Discovery of Romance’, the producers aim to create a drama that all viewers – whether they are in need of romance, can do with some romance, or in the midst of romance – can identify with and relate to.

‘Discovery of Romance’ is helmed by the partnership of writer Jung Hyun Jung (I Need Romance series) and PD Kim Sung Yoon (KBS drama specials Adolescence Medley, The Reason I’m Getting Married) and premiere on 18 August after the currently-airing ‘Trot Lovers’ wraps up.

Source: TV Report/Naver


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