The main cast of ‘Discovery of Romance’ – will a new chapter be written in rom-com history?

Things are shaping up for the new KBS2 Mon-Tue drama ‘Discovery of Romance’ (writer Jung Hyun Jung, director Kim Sung Yoon), and the casting of the 6 key roles have recently been wrapped up.

There has been much interest in ‘Discovery of Romance’ as it is the follow-up drama from writer Jung Hyun Jung, who also penned the tvN ‘I Need Romance’ trilogy. The drama depicts a love story revolving around a woman who encounters her repentant ex-boyfriend just as she begins a new relationship.

Jung Yumi (I Need Romance 3, God of the Workplace) has been cast as the female lead Han Yeo Reum, a furniture designer who’s estranged from her drama writer mother. With her unique down-to-earth style, she will portray a woman who is torn between her current love and her ex.

Eric, reuniting with his ‘Que Sera Sera’ co-star Jung Yumi 7 years on, plays the role of ‘perfect visual’ Kang Tae Ha, the CEO of an interior design firm. Smart, competitive and confident, Tae Ha is an absolute romantic when he falls in love. He discovers what true love is when he meets his ex-girlfriend again.

Sung Joon (I Need Romance 3, Shut Up Flower Boy Band) plays Nam Ha Jin, a plastic surgeon with charming looks, as well as a warm and gentle personality. Ha Jin is Yeo Reum’s current boyfriend who finds himself having to deal with Yeo Reum’s change of heart when she starts wavering after ex-boyfriend Tae Ha re-enters the picture.

Yoon Jin Yi plays An Ah Rim, a tough and plucky girl who grew up together with rational guy Ha Jin, and has been carrying a torch for him since.

The role of plastic surgeon Do Joon Ho is played by Yoon Hyun Min (Witch’s Romance, Age of Feeling). Joon Ho is Yeo Reum’s neighborhood oppa who has grown up together with her, and ended up living with Yeo Reum’s family after his family emigrated to New Zealand. He is described as a jokester with a Casanova tendency and a good understanding of women’s thoughts.

Kim Seul Gi (SNL Korea, Flower Boy Next Door) plays Han Sol, who also grew up in the same neighborhood as Yeo Reum and Joon Ho, whom she shares a sibling-like relationship with. Han Sol is known among her friends to be a little simple and slow on the uptake, but once she starts a relationship she falls heads over heels and boils over with infatuation – a simple girl who charges ahead without thinking of what is ahead of and behind her.

Previously, the production team behind ‘Discovery of Romance’ had explained that they aim to portray a realistic romance story that is different from a typical melodrama or romantic comedy. Writer Jung Hyun Jung had previously created a “rom-com syndrome” on the small screen with the “I Need Romance” franchise, and anticipation is building for ‘Discovery of Romance’ to write a new chapter in rom-com history.

‘Discovery of Romance’ will take over the Mon-Tue slot on KBS2 currently occupied by ‘Trot Lovers’, and is scheduled to premiere in August.

Source: TV Report

One thought on “The main cast of ‘Discovery of Romance’ – will a new chapter be written in rom-com history?

  1. Thanks so much for this post! 3 pairs of love birds? How to keep track? XD well I know which one I focus on XD

    Ha Jin’s home has a nice yard/garden. Orange home for Kang Tae Ha, how appropriate 😀

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