Shinhwa postpones comeback to January 2015

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Shinhwa postpones comeback to January next year… And will make it the Year of Shinhwa

Shinhwa has decided to postpone their comeback, initially planned for the second half of this year, to next January instead.

Shinhwa has confirmed their official comeback for the first week of January 2015 after an internal discussion, and schedules are currently being adjusted at the moment. This reflects Shinhwa’s intention to turn 2015 into the Year of Shinhwa, with their comeback slated for the first week of January to start off, and eventually end, the year.

Shinhwa is now planning for a variety of activities, including a series of concerts and festivals. Plans include a large-scale concert in March to commemorate their 17th anniversary, and in August there are plans for a Shinhwa Festival for fans who have stayed with the group through the years. Currently in the prime of their 17-year history, expectations are running high for Shinhwa as to what kind of interesting shows and memories they will be creating for a meaningful occasion.

In addition, a world tour is also in the pipeline. Their past Asia tours have not been able to allow Shinhwa to answer all the invitations from overseas, but plans are underway for the group to increase the number of concert stops for a world tour.

As such, the members will be sharing time with the fans as Shinhwa throughout the year. Since there has not been many group activities this year, the game plan for next year is for the members to give it their all for group activities next year.

Lee Minwoo, who oversees the producing work for Shinhwa’s albums, said in a recent article, “During this time, Shinhwa has been known for our longevity and our teamwork. From now on, we’d like to go a step beyond this. From the first week of next January onwards, Shinhwa will make a spectacular comeback and show a different side.”

In fact, this year has been marked by the return of many senior singers from the 90s, and Shinhwa, who has maintained a firm presence, has been largely acknowledged to have played a big role. Artistes like g.o.d and Fly To The Sky have said that they were spurred on by Shinhwa, who are still “currently popular stars”. In the midst of these successful reunions, anticipation is rising for Shinhwa and what other strengths they will be demonstrating to take 2015 by storm.

Source: OSEN


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