[Cultural Daesang recommendation] Shinhwa 16th Anniversary concert ‘HERE’

[Note from admin] Although they’re not giving out a trophy for this…. (link to article translated below)


A power performance that overshadows their 4-year hiatus – ‘Shinhwa Changjo / Creation of a Legend’

The continuous connection with their fans for the past 16 years is really worthy of praise. Group Shinhwa showed their mettle as the longest-running K-pop group at their ‘Shinhwa 16th Anniversary Concert – HERE’ concert (held on 24th March at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium). The concert title ‘HERE’ symbolizes their presence at the concert venue – the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium – from their first concert in 2001 to their first concert after their 4-year hiatus, in 2012.

The 2-day concert garnered a total attendance of 27,000 and the tickets were sold out within a short period of time, making countless new headlines. Shinhwa shone with their high energy performances, which never changed during their 16 years together, and their maturity in their music styles, while growing together with their fans. It was a pity that Andy was missing from the stage – due to an unfortunate incident where he took time for self-reflection – but his absence on stage was well filled special performances by his fellow members Eric, Lee Minwoo, Shin Hyesung, Junjin and Kim Dongwan.

One liner reviews

“A festival that showed off the powerful fandom. A concert for Shinhwa Changjo angled at their growth and change with their fans since their debut in 1998.” (Kang Tae Gyu, culture critic)

“You don’t have to be a fan to enjoy the dance, the songs, the jokes and even the composure they have now. As it is, everything needed for a complete show.” (Choi Young Kyun, culture critic)

“The return of the idols. Shinhwa’s concert, together with the return of g.o.d, opened up the emergence and possibility of a new market.” (Joo Sung Min, CEO of V-Hall)

Source: Edaily

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