Shinhwa’s Eric sets up E&J Entertainment with longtime manager

Shinhwa’s Eric has teamed up with his manager of 10 years to set up a new management agency for his individual activities.

Early this year, Eric set up E&J Entertainment with his longtime manager of 10 years, CEO Lee Jong Hyun, to prepare for his individual activities. The first project he has decided on is the KBS new Mon-Tue drama ‘Discovery of Romance’, which he will be headlining.

CEO Lee Jong Hyun has been working with Eric since the time he was signed to Good EMG, and has been maintaining a close relationship. The two left their previous agency Top Class Entertainment last year, and set up E&J Entertainment this year, which takes the initials from their names (Eric & Jong Hyun).

Shinhwa’s group activities are currently managed by Shinhwa Company, while the members’ solo activities are being managed by their individual agencies. Eric will continue to handle Shinhwa’s group activities as the CEO of Shinhwa Company, but at the same time his solo activities will be managed through E&J Entertainment. CEO Lee Jong Hyun will continue to be involved in both Shinhwa’s group activities as well as Eric’s solo activities.

(details on the drama omitted – you can refer to the previous post)

Shinhwa is expected to make their comeback in the later half of this year.

Source: OSEN

4 thoughts on “Shinhwa’s Eric sets up E&J Entertainment with longtime manager

  1. i love Eric Mun….That’s all i can say! I sooooooooooooooo believe in his talent… and with the longest running K boy group! SImply saying that i’m a fan since Phoenix!!!

  2. Being the CEO of Shinhwa Company, Eric needs a lot of flexibility with his individual management to switch his time between his solo works & Shinhwa (which it seems the later is the priority for him). And that is hard if it’s with a 3rd party company that not related to Shinhwa. I kinda wish he’s with an established company, less managerial things to worry + we at least get a certain quota for his solo activities lol. but I kinda thought he would either be with Liveworks or forming his own and sure it is…

    It’s good knowing Lee Jong Hyun still keeps his Shinhwa Chief manager. It took me a bit to get used to Bogeun replacing him as Eric manager. Wonder who is Eric’s new manager now that Bogeun enlist in the army.

    10 years plus and still on Eric’s side, they bond well and Eric must treat his manager really well eh? 🙂

  3. 축하합니다 오빠 !!! its nice to see him back with new management.. hope evrything gonna be smooth and i pray for the success in his acting comeback 🙂

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