Eric makes a special appearance with his voice on “Laws of the Jungle”

Eric’s super short voice clip comes on at about 47:40 (based on the raw video I have).

Shinhwa’s Eric made a surprise voice appearance on the 23rd May episode of SBS variety program ‘Laws of the Jungle in Brazil’.

On this episode, thanks to the efforts from Oh Jong Hyuk and Lee Minwoo, the Byungman tribe was able to enjoy a sumptuous meal with the piranha they caught.

While they were preparing the meal, the axe and knife brought along by Lee Minwoo – given to him by fellow Shinhwa member Eric – came in very handy. Lee Minwoo said, “Eric ah, it’s great. You have to come. Bring your tools and equipment along. So that over here it will come in handy for you.” and strongly recommended Eric to make a trip to the jungle.

The producers then sent a love call to Eric, revealing the instruction video he personally recorded for Lee Minwoo with the message, “Eric-sshi, please come to the jungle.”

Meanwhile, having successfully concluded Shinhwa’s 16th anniversary concert in March, Eric is currently considering a drama comeback.

Source: OSEN


2 thoughts on “Eric makes a special appearance with his voice on “Laws of the Jungle”

  1. How did the vid ended up in LoJ’s production and made it way on air? SBS knows what they’re doing XD Seeing how he roughs it out on fishing trips and on shinbang, Eric can handle the wilderness (well, aside from the buggies lol). Those are some nice long fingers there, Eric!….

    Minbong’s fishing skill/luck is much better since shinbang 😀 and he’s looking great!

    *goes off to dl the episode*

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