Eric drops ‘Trot Lovers’; drama comeback does not materialize

Plans for Shinhwa member Eric’s (35; real name Mun Jung Hyuk) drama comeback have fallen through.

It was earlier understood that Eric had received an offer to headline ‘Trot Lovers’ on KBS 2TV, which is scheduled to air in June after ‘Big Man’, and was apparently ironing out the details such as characterization. However, it has been recently made known that this is not happening.

A rep from his management said, “Right from the start we’ve never said that he was going to appear on the drama. He only received the script.” As such, his long-awaited drama comeback in 3 years, after ‘Spy Myungwol’ on KBS 2TV in 2011, will not be materializing for now.

‘Trot Lovers’ depicts the story of a 20-something female protagonist with a talent for trot, who meets a genius songwriter and grows into a trot singer. Eric was scouted for the role of the male lead character, a talented and popular artist under the country’s best management agency, but with a prickly personality.

Eric was recently romantically linked to rookie actress Na Hye Mi but has since officially denied the rumors.

Source: ISPlus


2 thoughts on “Eric drops ‘Trot Lovers’; drama comeback does not materialize

  1. this sounds better 🙂

    The rep’s response sounded to short and a bit blunt in another trans I read XD
    Should hire a new spoke person XDDD

    of course they’ll throw in the dating rumor at the end… XD

    Kinda glad he turned down Trot Lovers but I really hope to see him comeback to the small screen this year (well I take big screen too :p )

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