[13.05.02] Text preview for Shinhwa’s SNL Korea episode on 4 May

SNL Korea Ep 11 – Shinhwa
Airing date: 2013-5-4

Just based on their name alone, this will be SNL Korea’s most legendary episode!
Korea’s longest-running idol group SHINHWA’s gender-transcending Saturday night!

Strongly recommended for idol juniors! Shinhwa Life Insurance’s idol retirement insurance policy!
Don’t you smell something burning? Eric’s charcoal-grilled pork ribs restaurant opens for business!
What volatile situation took place at the card sharks’ gambling game?

Retro! Sexy! Bizarre! Action! Shocking transformations are all OK here~!
The ultimate variety presented with no holds barred on SNL!
Tune in at 11pm on 4 May!




Credits: SNL Korea website + SNL Twitter + enewsworld + Absolut Shinhwa

8 thoughts on “[13.05.02] Text preview for Shinhwa’s SNL Korea episode on 4 May

  1. @6rystalis, @Phi: Puahaha! Let’s not give them any more ideas.

    ROFL. Sungie’s cups. I can’t wait to see this! XD

  2. Eric’s Bulsae will NEVER get old huh? XDD

    I’ve always wish Shinhwa to endorse a Banking/Insurance ad cus: loyalty ☑, trustworthy ☑, dependable ☑, long lasting ☑…..

    Now it’s on SNL, may be, just may be some banker guru out there are watching XDD

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