[13.04.17] Reasons to look forward to Shinhwa’s ‘SNL Korea’ appearance

With the upcoming 11th album planned for a May release (and a dance track for the title track!), I think we should be expecting to see Shinhwa doing quite a few TV appearances (other than Shinhwa Broadcast), first up is of course their upcoming appearance on the rated-19 ‘SNL Korea’. I’m sure I’m not the only one excited about that… ㅋㅋㅋ


News about Shinhwa’s upcoming appearance on SNL Korea have been garnering much attention and interest.

During the past 2 seasons, tvN’s SNL Korea has seen celebrities from various fields hosting the show, and their appearances have opened up new windows of opportunity for them to show off new charms. Using rated-19 comedy as its concept, SNL Korea has been able to touch on sexually suggestive and somewhat provocative subjects rarely seen on programmes from other broadcasters, earning it much love from viewers.

Past hosts on SNL Korea include Lee Young-ja, Yoo Se-yoon, Oh Man-seok, Choi Yeo-jin and 2AM amongst others, and popular girl group 4minute’s upcoming appearance on the show, the popularity of the show can be keenly felt. On the morning of 16th April, it was announced that longest-running idol group Shinhwa is lined up to host the 4th May episode of SNL Korea. The news was greeted with much anticipation. Shinhwa, due to release their 11th album in early May, will be marking their comeback with the appearance, and is set to display their unique sense of variety on the show.

So what are the reasons to look forward to Shinhwa’s SNL Korea appearance? Firstly, this carries the name value of Shinhwa as a group. Having made their debut in 1998, the Shinhwa members have participated in countless variety programmes throughout their 15-year career, and their unique sense of variety is widely acknowledged by all. In particular, in ‘Love Letter’ on SBS and the currently-airing Shinhwa Broadcast on jTBC, the members came across as natural and comfortable, as if they were just a group of friends playing around. Every now and then, their unexpected comments and actions brought about embarrassed laughter, and as they led the programme in their own way, they also brought fun and laughter to the viewers.

In addition, with SNL Korea’s concept driven by sexually suggestive comedy, that in itself is already something to look forward to. Having been in the industry for 15 years, one wonders how would the rated-19 risqué comedy presented by the 30-something bachelors be like. Just thinking about the image that Shinhwa has in the minds of most people, they will more than fulfil the prerequisites for a fun and interesting episode. Dubbed the original ‘beastly idols’, Shinhwa’s image during their early years might have come across as somewhat shocking. After they received the nickname of ‘beastly idols’, they increasingly came to be recognized as sexy male idols.

Hence, with the image and the variety experience they have amassed over the years, Shinhwa’s upcoming SNL Korea appearance is even more anticipated. Having guested on various variety programmes for a long time, all eyes are already on how Shinhwa will fare in SNL Korea’s live format. Seasoned from their 15 years of experience, Shinhwa’s ’19+ humor code’ style of comedy is highly anticipated.

Credits: Reviewstar + Absolut Shinhwa

One thought on “[13.04.17] Reasons to look forward to Shinhwa’s ‘SNL Korea’ appearance

  1. “Shinhwa, due to release their 11th album in early May” ~ yay finally some timing as of when in May!

    “one wonders how would the rated-19 risqué comedy presented by the 30-something bachelors be like.” ehem there’s EroWan, ricsung chilli talks during the face reading and more on Shinbang so far….

    Still ROFL with Eric’s sharp reply back with “Does my wife hate kids or sleeping!!!” when he’s pushed with what if wife not want to have kid on Shinbang Sista episode. How one to answer him back?! naughty XD

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