[13.01.17] Dongwan’s Naver blog: 2013 (Enjoying the pleasures of life)

With too much leisure, useless and distracting thoughts occur.
With too much leisure, the time to look at your inner thoughts disappears and confidence is lost.
Tiring the body and mind to a certain extent is good.
At the same time you should have the ease of mind to enjoy the pleasures of life.

Caigentan (Vegetable Root Discourse) Part 2 Chapter 118


Ah…  This feels like it’s of help to me.. Ahaha~ Hahaha~
The pleasures of life…
I want to… enjoy the pleasures of life..

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

Wannie’s post is slightly different from the original text, but here’s a rough translation of the original quote for reference if you’re interested:
In life, too much leisure produces extraneous thoughts, and too much work keeps you from your true nature. Thus you cannot completely ignore worrying about your own welfare, at the same time you should not completely shun the pleasures of leisure.


3 thoughts on “[13.01.17] Dongwan’s Naver blog: 2013 (Enjoying the pleasures of life)

  1. My philosophy of life: Live life to the fullest,eat in moderation,rest enough,work hard if need to, play and have fun in leisure times.Its about balance, if too much of free time our minds wonders – may be good and sometimes it may be harmful……thanks for making me beware of too much of “idling” away my leaisure times.

    1. Bloody hell!!! Call me’ thick’ but i honestly thought talk of such acts were made up crap. NEVER ever did i think anyone was actually so sick, depraved & desperate enough to do such a thing. What sort of person does this?? Is this not a crime?? How can this happen, we live in the 21st century surely there are other devices that that can assist those so…Find them. NAME them. SHAME them. WHIP them. IMPALE them…NO lubricant…

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