[12.12.14] Naver Journalists Club review: People of 2012 (featuring Eric)

2012’s Most Anticipated People: Noh Kee Kyung, Kim Yoon Chul / Lee Young Ae / the bands of Top Band 2
2012’s Most Unexpected People: Eric / Psy / MBC president Kim Jae Chul
People who suffered in 2012: Employees of broadcasting stations / Han Young Ae / T-ara
People who did things their way in 2012: Park Jae Beom / Lee Mi Sook, Choi Bool Am / Primary
People we’re most curious about for 2013: Song Joong Ki / Shinee, Lee Hi / Kim Seul Gi


(unrelated portions omitted)

ERIC: Whether it’s because I’m getting older, but there’s hardly anything new that has surprised me greatly. But if I have to pick a moment when I went blank in front of the TV, was when I saw ‘E-tilda’ in the Fashion Channel episode of jTBC’s ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’. I think I’m not wrong to call it one of 2012’s best parodies. Recently I’ve been worrying if he’d be able to restart his acting activities with the frequent ‘image-wrecking’, but in the ‘Secret Extra Lesson – Villain Acting’ episode, the way his gaze changed in just 2 seconds is really no joke. I can lay these worries to rest now. I heard that his reason for not working on his individual projects is because he wanted to focus on strengthening Shinhwa. Such loyalty and big-thinking, I really like it. (Jung Seok Hee)

Credits: Naver News + Absolut Shinhwa


3 thoughts on “[12.12.14] Naver Journalists Club review: People of 2012 (featuring Eric)

  1. Eric…such a good leader…,I really adore and respect him…less talk but do more….what a good example…

  2. I totally agree with the article about ERIC’s acting, he is really a good actor if he put his heart on it. And when it comes to loyalty i voted with my hands down. I miss him doing dramas but shinhwa broadcast is making my week full and satisfied. There is not a day or a moment i didn’t watch him either concerts, drama, interview, shinhwa broadcast for he is my inspiration.
    Thank you to all the people who supported him all the way, GOD bless you as well as my favorite actor/singer ERIC

  3. I guess we gotta Han Hye Jin to thank for whipping up the Leon – Mathilda parody.

    Though worry/nervous at first when they talkd about his role during the planning stage, Eric managed to keep it proffessional when he stept on that runway. No sign of nervousness/embarrassment like he was backstage before their performance, specially knowing G.NA (his co-model for Coke Zero CF) was in the house 😛

    I remember he mentioned at interviews before Shinhwa wrapping up their activities about not having activities this year for Shinhwa Company to settle well. Didn’t quite take it serious then but he really sticks to his words 😛 Shouldn’t be surprise I guess. Shinhwa is always his first priority, it was then and is still now ❤

    oh well, Eric, can't wait to see you back next year after Shinhwa 15th Anni comeback. Junjin & Andy too since they don't don't have much of solo activities this year (yup I don't count fanmeetings :P). Yes to Minwoo's solo album next year, it's been looooooong baby!

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