[12.12.11] A summary of Shinhwa’s drinking capacities and habits

No.1: Junjin (15 bottles of soju) (does not include the beer he drinks to rinse out his mouth… WUT O_O)

– Holding on to his friends and refusing to let them go home
– Keeps on repeating things that he has already said
– Crying while talking about his feelings

(Jinnie defends himself by saying that no one wants to listen to his pent-up feelings, so he has to continue repeating himself. LOL good try. And Hyesung says even Sung Shikyung, famous for being one of showbiz’s best drinkers, says that he is no match for Jinnie. Then Jinnie goes to say that Sung Shikyung doesn’t even answer his calls these days. LOL)

No.2: Andy (6-7 bottles of soju)

– Becomes very courteous (Eric says that Andy speaks to him in honorifics, i.e. very formally, when he’s drunk)
– Starts to laugh a lot
– Keeps on repeating things that he has already said

(Andy explains that he just wants to go home as soon as possible, so he starts behaving very formally to make people uncomfortable so that they’ll let him go home. Smartypants!)

No.3: Dongwan (5 bottles of soju)

– Becomes aggressive
– Starts to laugh and aegyo a lot
– Asks to be pecked on the cheek, and gets angry if he doesn’t get it (Wannie says he even asked strangers before. I wanna be near him the next time he gets drunk.)
– Drunk-dialling ex-girlfriends
– Keeps on talking about uninteresting things (To which the members say that he does that even when he’s not drunk. LOL poor Wannie)

(Wannie says that he recently went drinking with the writers and the director and when he got drunk, he CUT THE FILM. Yikes. And he even confessed that he visited an alcohol addiction clinic in Gangnam with his manager. Oh Wannie….

Thankfully Hyesung quickly changes the topic to talk about how he asks to be pecked on the cheek – not playfully, but forcefully i.e. shaking the other party and saying ‘I want a kiss!’ Y’know.. I’d love to see Wannie drunk one of these days.

Moving on to the topic of drunk-dialling his exes, Dongwan says none of the calls have ever turned out well. Erm, understandably so? Anyway, he ends off with some advice to the girls who gets drunk-dialled by their exes: When an ex-boyfriend drunk-dials, he’s just in pursuit of some sweet comfort – so never take the call. Aw.)

Joint No.4: Eric (3 bottles of soju)

– Exposing himself
– Falling asleep on the spot
– Going on and on about lengthy conversation topics e.g. the past and future, contemplating about life
– Rapping in English
– Starts to act cute

(Dongwan relates a past incident where he was staying at the studio, and he brought a drunk Eric back. While Wannie went off the to the washroom, Eric said he was feeling warm so he started to strip himself naked (!!!) and ran around. Then he fell down and hurt his toe, and rolled on the ground grabbing his toe, yelling in pain…. Ok I really really LOVE Eric, but the mental image I have of him now is NOT pleasant… But I’d still like to see him in action. Keke.

Eric then apologized and agreed that no one should have done that… But if you really want to do that, wait til you’re alone to do it. HAHA.)

Joint No.4: Minwoo (3 bottles of soju)

– Starts calling his friends
– Excessive skinship (I wanna be near him too the next time he gets drunk.)
– Starts playing tough
– Sings his own songs if at the noraebang (that’s when Dongwan reveals that Minwoo brings his own music recordings to play and sing along too. Hee. Junjin joins in and said that because he does that because he’s part of Shinhwa and he just wants to impress – there was even once when he called his dancers to join him in his ‘performance’… LOL but how true this is I don’t know, that depends on how much Jinnie’s tremendous variety sense is at work here. Ha.)

No.6: Hyesung (2 bottles of soju)

– Keeps on repeating things that he has already said
– Disappears after paying the bill
– More skinship

(Junjin rightfully points out that Hyesung only listed his ‘good’ habits, and the others quickly chime in to add that he has lots of bad habits too. Andy recounted a time during a meeting among the members, a tipsy Hyesung went up to him and asked if he’s feeling down, and asked him to join him for a drink later, just the two of them. And after that, Andy waited for Hyesung at a street stall while grilling lamb skewers for an hour, but Hyesung didn’t appear. People recognised him and fellow celebs who saw him asked, “You…came alone?” – i.e. ‘Don’t you have any friends to hang out with?’

HAHA aww Andy. Hyesung goes into a long explanation which can be summarized as: he lost his belongings at another place before meeting Andy. Okaaaay… If you say so.)

In any case, their livers must be screaming – this much alcohol can’t be good for anyone… Drink in moderation guys! >.<

10 thoughts on “[12.12.11] A summary of Shinhwa’s drinking capacities and habits

  1. Drink in moderation?!?! hmmmm…….we should TRY to do that too….let’s not to clear the Heineken and Casrlsberg…..just the Cass will do….LOLOLOL…and can we be near Wannie too??? hahaha…

  2. Hahaha, this is why I really like the briefing part of shinhwa broadcast!!
    Thanks for translating!

  3. A long skinny male rolling around naked on the floor clutching his toe… Is what I’m picturing.. As hot as Eric is… THAT IS NOT HOT.. LMAO

  4. “But if you really want to do that, wait til you’re alone to do it” – ahahaha yeah so NO ONE will tell embarrassing & private moment on national TV again & again 😛

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