[12.12.07] Shinhwa members’ drinking capacities revealed on next episode of Shinhwa Broadcast

Lee Minwoo barely makes it to No. 4 with a capacity of 3 bottles of soju

In the upcoming 9th December episode of Shinhwa Broadcast, dinner party expert Kim Shin Young imparts her secrets to becoming the popularity king at year-end parties.

During the recording, briefing specialist “Shin-Bri” Shin Hyesung reveals the drinking capacities and drinking habits of the Shinhwa members.


While revealing the shocking drinking capacities of the members, Lee Minwoo – ranked No. 4 with 3 bottles of soju – disclosed his own drinking habit, “When I go to the noraebang, I sing my own songs.” Kim Dongwan added, “When Minwoo goes to the noraebang, he brings his own MR (music recording)”, much to the agreement of the other members who went on to spill more beans on Lee Minwoo’s noraebang behaviour.

Besides bringing around MRs meant for use on TV shows, in order to show off an even more cooler side of him as a Shinhwa member, Lee Minwoo uses yet another secret weapon to heighten the atmosphere in the noraebang. Find out what that secret weapon is. tune in to the upcoming episode of jTBCS’s Shinhwa Broadcast on 9th Dec at 7.35pm.

Credits: Newsen + Absolut Shinhwa

7 thoughts on “[12.12.07] Shinhwa members’ drinking capacities revealed on next episode of Shinhwa Broadcast

  1. If I’m not mistaken, in this episode Jinnie is in the 1st place, he can drink up to 15 bottles of soju..2nd place is Andy and 3rd place is Dongwan…

  2. Yes i agree 100% it would be jinnie, then shin hyesung, then eric, then minwoo, then andy last would be dongwan, thats only my guessed til this coming sunday, i hope i’m right

    1. my guess would be Junjin, Hyesung, RicWan tie for 3rd, Minwoo then Andy. 🙂
      Will see how it turns out 😀

  3. Pardon my ignorance, what is noraebang, is it a drinking lounge ? Drink and be merry as its also near end of year, It would be nice to know “noraebang,” as I will be visiting Korea soon like to visit it.

  4. only 3 bottles of soju? some how I thought they all could do more than 3 XD
    Jinnie would be top list, me think

    Can’t wait to find out what M’s “secret weapons” are at noraebang 😀

    1. i thought he could drink a LOT more than that too…hee hee =P

      I think i remember in a tv show Dongwan said he is the worst at drinking and Jinnie is the best drinker…but i could remember wrongly too =) and one of the member mentioned M will dance n hold his own concert in noraebang…lol XD so i guess that would be his secret weapon, but i could be wrong, maybe he has other secret weapon =)

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