[12.12.07] Liveworks Twitter: A message from Hyesung

[From HyeSung]
The first performance on Music Bank today ended well~~^^
To everyone who came to show their support
And to Baby Bird who insisted on coming to show his support
Thank you everyone~
I know today in particular really a lot of people came….
But I heard that there were people who couldn’t enter the studio and were outside in the cold…
I’m really really sorry and I feel bad…
But your well-meaning intention of coming to support me
I really really appreciate it~
The flu that strikes once or twice a year, why did I have to get it just before the first performance
Although it’s a little unfortunate… ㅠㅠ
I hope for your continued support~
Once again, thank you~^^*

Credits: Liveworks Twitter + Absolut Shinhwa

And Hyesung’s performance of ‘It’d Be Nice If It Were You’ on today’s Music Bank

2 thoughts on “[12.12.07] Liveworks Twitter: A message from Hyesung

  1. Its really wonderful to see Hyesung on TV -when I know its music bank I’m thankful as I am able to see “live” in my country. You are so much missed in the Kpop music scene. Its a great moment for us ,your performance ,your new song,your handsome look- all in You Look Great !. see you in the year end concert-looking forward to it

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