[12.11.30] Trans: Eric’s rap part on Ga In’s ‘Nostalgia’

Part 1 (0.03)
You and me
Til the day we die, you heard me
Nothing can ever change us
You already know
Check it

Part 2 (1.42)
네가 구름위를 걸을 때, 날개가 돼줄께 / Niga gureum wi-e georeul ttae, nalgae-ga dwaechulkke
When you’re walking on clouds, I’ll be your wings

바다위를 걸을 때, 배가 돼줄께 / Bada wireul georeul ttae, bae-ga dwaechulkke
When you’re walking over the seas, I’ll be your ship

자유롭고 싶음, 한발 뒤에서 걸을께 / Jayuropgo shipeum, hanbal dwi-eseo georeulkke
If you want to be free, I’ll walk one step behind you

널 위해서 한발먼저 뛰어가 있을께 / Neol wihaeseo hanbal meonjeo dwi-oga isseulkke
For you, I’ll run a step ahead

심장을 매일 뛰게해 / Shimjang-eul mae-il dwigehae
My heart beats for you everyday

눈높여놔서 바람도 못 피게해 / Nun nopyeo-nwaseo param-do mot pi-gehae
My sights are raised and I can’t look at nobody else

중독이 심한 너란 게임에 난 이미 폐인 / Jungdogi shimhan neoran ge-im-e nan imi pye-in
Addicted to a game by the name of you, I’m already ruined

문제가 없어 우리 둘 사이엔, 우리 둘 사이엔 / Munjega eopseo uridul sa-i-en, uridul sa-i-en
There are no problems between the two of us, between the two of us

Translation credits: Absolut Shinhwa

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