[12.11.30] Eric features on rap for Ga In’s new digital single ‘Nostalgia’

What is it with Eric and songs called ‘Nostalgia’… (He featured on a Yozoh song called ‘Nostalgia in 2008 too, which I absolutely adore^^) UPDATE: Seems that it’s exactly the same song as the Yozoh song – which is playing in the background on this blog – but Eric made some changes to his rap part. On a personal level, I prefer Yozoh’s version (sorry Ga-In fans… everyone’s entitled to her own opinion right? 🙂 )

And if Eric ever compiled all the songs that he has rap-featured for all these years, he probably will end up with a 2 or 3CD album…


Ga In’s new digital single ‘Nostalgia’ will finally be released today (30th Nov) on major music portals such as Melon, Olleh Music, Mnet.com, Bugs, Soribada and Naver Music.

‘Nostalgia’, a gift to Ga In’s fans for their unwavering love, was written by Kim Do Hyun and with lyrics penned by Bang Seung Chul. The song expresses the faint yearning during the beginning moments of a fateful encounter.

(Introduction to Ga In’s album omitted)

In particular, Shinhwa leader Eric also features on the song with a rap part. With an acoustic jazz guitar sound, ‘Nostalgia’ beautifully combines Ga In’s pastel vocal tones and Eric’s bassy rap that captures the ladies’ hearts. The accompanying music video will also include previously unreleased footage.

(Statement about the song from Ga In’s management company omitted)

Ga In’s new digital single ‘Nostalgia’ will be released at noon today (KST) on major music portals.

Credits: Osen + Absolut Shinhwa

One thought on “[12.11.30] Eric features on rap for Ga In’s new digital single ‘Nostalgia’

  1. Totally adore this song!

    Kim Do Hyun wrote some really nice songs…. Hope he colabs with Shinhwa again for the 11th jib. On The Road is very nice!

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