[12.11.12] Lee Minwoo joins fellow members Shin Hyesung & Kim Dongwan at Liveworks Company

I think many of us kinda saw it coming when Minwoo started to pop up on the Liveworks homepage^_^ Seeing how Liveworks has taken great care of Hyesung & Dongwan so far, I think Minwoo has made a good choice 🙂 Maybe agency-less Jinnie may be next…^_^

Speaking of Jinnie, Korean news sites are reporting that he has split up with the Spica girl (a.k.a Park Joo Hyun) earlier this month. -_- I won’t be posting any articles on that because I don’t really want to spend time dwelling on this and there are bound to be polarized opinions on this anyway, but I think sites like enewsworld should be touching on it. Just hoping that Jinnie moves on quickly and that he’ll finally find Miss Right soon…


Shinhwa member Lee Minwoo has joined his fellow groupmates Shin Hyesung and Kim Dongwan at Liveworks Company as he prepares to step up his solo activities.

Liveworks Company announced on 12th Nov that they have signed a management agency contract with Lee Minwoo for his solo activities. Fellow Shinhwa members Shin Hyesung and Kim Dongwan are also signed to Liveworks, which was set up in 2009.

Lee Minwoo is not signed exclusively under Liveworks (i.e. he is not a Liveworks artiste), but is instead entering into a management agency agreement with Liveworks. This partnership will see Liveworks managing all of Lee Minwoo’s albums and concerts within and outside of Korea. There are also plans to groom new talents together, with Lee Minwoo overseeing the producing work.

Through this management agency arrangement with Liveworks, Lee Minwoo will step up his individual activities as ‘M’.

Over the years Lee Minwoo has shown himself to be talented in various areas such as songwriting, dance choreography and album production, and fans are curious about how he will continue to capture the hearts of fans with this new contract arrangement in place.

Liveworks CEO Lee Jang Eon said, “Inclusive of Shin Hyesung and Kim Dongwan, we are now undertaking the management agency contracts for 3 Shinhwa members. We will work towards a more stable development of their individual activities, as well as Shinhwa’s overall activities.”

Lee Minwoo set up his own label ‘M Rizing Entertainment’ in 2007, and in addition to taking on the role of CEO, he has been active as an M Rizing artiste.

He is also the co-CEO of Shinhwa Company alongside fellow Shinhwa member Eric. The company was directly funded and set up by the Shinhwa members in 2011 to take care of all group activities.

Meanwhile, Lee Minwoo will be holding his solo concert titled ‘M 이민우 Christmas Live Concert ‘ORIGINAL” at Yonsei University on 23rd and 24th December.

Credits: Star News + Absolut Shinhwa

6 thoughts on “[12.11.12] Lee Minwoo joins fellow members Shin Hyesung & Kim Dongwan at Liveworks Company

  1. Minwoo retains his rights with MRizing but managed by Liveworks on activities,I guess it benefits both sides as he can concentrate on his work and singing whereas Liveworks take care of his other matters.Most of all with Hyesung and Dongwan same agency it make their activities easier.3 main vocals with Liveworks perhaps a trio under liveworks –seem possible (hahaha).My wish they are happy and well taken care-off as Minwoo joins the team

  2. I’m still not clear about the not exclusive contract deal, when pretty much all Minwoo’s works (concerts/albums & potential group) are with Liveworks

      1. Thanks for info. I guess this is how he retains his M Rizing while under Liveworks

        Junjin should really sign up with Liveworks… I would pull RicDy over to Liveworks too tbh

        1. @phi,
          Hi just want to know Phi if you are the one who is responsible in the videos of shinhwa broadcast and banjun dramas of Eric showing in vimeo?
          If yes, with all sincerity, i thank you so much for I am a big fan of Eric and been looking all of his banjun dramas, I’m his avid fan.

          1. yes that’s me XD Sumi (Absolutshinhwa blog) is the one who did the trans on those banjun. I love those reversal banjun dramas, very interesting. Enjoy!

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