[12.10.09] Junjin, “I became a singer in order to find my birth mother”

Shinhwa’s Junjin broke into tears as he talked about his longing for his birth mother, on the 9th October episode of KBS2’s “Yeo Yoo Man Man”. During the interview, he revealed that he had wanted to be a singer so that he could find his birth mother.

In a surprise segment for Charlie Park, who was the guest for the episode, Junjin said, “As I grew older, I resented my father and felt bitter about why I had to live under such circumstances.”

“Instead of my mother, I lived with my grandmother. And even though my grandmother became like a mother to me, I still yearned for my mother.”

“I started out to become a dance choreographer but when I saw H.O.T on TV, I thought ‘If I appeared on TV, I may be able to find my mother’. And so I became a singer instead.”

Credits: Mydaily + Absolut Shinhwa


5 thoughts on “[12.10.09] Junjin, “I became a singer in order to find my birth mother”

  1. Junjin yearned for his birth mom is understandable, he is curious and perhaps wants to know his roots. Junjin wants to sing and be on medias so as to find his mom,wow ! I think he make the right choice and with Shinhwa.This becomes his career .
    All the best to him (Junjin) ,if he found his mom and the circumstances is right we wish him well and happy reunion, if not we pray and hope one day it will become reality – mom and son

  2. Hope Jinnie may be able to find his birth mother soon………….. I think his birth mother will be very happy to see him.
    All the best to you Jinnie…………. I will pray for you to find your mom soon! 🙂

    1. If I’m not wrong…. On a show a few years back he mentioned that he actually has already found her and met her, but seeing that she has already started a new family he decided to leave things as it is. He’s very close to his stepmother now and their relationship is just like that of a real mother and son.

      1. Yes exactly! I watched it a few weeks ago only so my memory is still fresh. I remembered it clearly. He went on Radio Star. 🙂

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