Shinhwa’s little ‘cameo’ in the final moments of ‘Reply 1997’

*spoilers ahead*

Turns out that Tae-woong’s wife (played by Jooyeon from After School) already had a chance encounter with him at the record store (even before they met at the hospital) when she was getting a few copies of Shinhwa’s first album. And complaining to a fellow Shinhwa fangirl on the phone, about SM Entertainment only paying attention to H.O.T instead of Shinhwa, because the management arranged for a joint birthday fanmeeting for Dongwan and Hyesung instead of holding two separate ones… Heh.


It’s a pity the Shinhwa members didn’t get to make an actual cameo in the drama though… I’m holding out for a sequel where the female lead is a crazy Shinhwa fangirl instead! *fingers crossed* 😀

6 thoughts on “Shinhwa’s little ‘cameo’ in the final moments of ‘Reply 1997’

  1. Shinhwa also had little “cameo” in Flower Boy Ramen Shop. Eun-bi owns a Shinwa alarm clock and a giant poster.

  2. YES for the last paragraph! The producers are considering a second season, and I really hope Shinhwa would be the focus of that next season! I really want themselves to cameo and be dressed like their 90’s selves, that would be epic! 😀

  3. Guess during the early days Shinhwa is not fairly treated and not taken care as well, seems SME is not forsighted ,I am not digging old sores or pains but if they are to train them they should at least be treated with integrity and diginity….its in the past now. Shinhwa guys are already in 30s and are still together for 14 years and I”m glad ,they are GOOD
    Eric,Hyesung,Minwoo,Dongwan,Junjin and Andy you look so much better and charismatic and handsome now the pic above is a good reminder of yourself then

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