[12.09.18] Junjin and Park Joo-hyun, “Fond of each other, but not in a relationship yet”

Honestly – I’m a little confused myself, but I’m just going to take it that they’re in the very early stages of just dating, and that they’re not really officially a couple (maybe he hasn’t asked yet?). At least we hear from an official “source” now, but really, they don’t need to be SO careful with their words… It’s about time these guys got married anyway! At this rate, the age difference between them and their kids is going to be huge! LOL

Shinhwa member Junjin (32) has commented on the rumors regarding him being in a romantic relationship with SPICA member Park Joo-hyun (26).

A Shinhwa Company rep told Star News on 18th September, “We’ve verified this with Junjin, he said he has known Park Joo-hyun for a long time, and since early this year, they’ve become fond of each another.”

The rep went on to emphasize, “But they’re not in a relationship yet.”

According to the rep, “With SPICA’s impending comeback, Junjin’s worried about whether the news will be perceived as noise marketing and if Park Joo-hyun will be affected. It’s definitely not noise marketing.”

Earlier this morning, a source (AGAIN! Where’s the management agency when you need them??) close to SPICA told Star News, “It’s true that Park Joo-hyun is seeing Junjin. They respect each other a lot but because on many levels they’re still very cautious about it.”

The source said, “In Park Joo-hyun’s case, she’s still a newcomer and with the group’s new album coming soon, some people may say that this is noise marketing, but this is definitely not the case.”

Judging from statements from Junjin and Park Joo-hyun, it seems that both of them are not officially in a relationship yet, but are fond of each other and just starting to date. Both sides have given a cautious stand.

Junjin made his debut in 1998 as a Shinhwa member and has since been active in the fields of music, variety and dramas. Park Joo-hyun made her debut early this year as a member of girl group SPICA.

Credits: Star News + Absolut Shinhwa

18 thoughts on “[12.09.18] Junjin and Park Joo-hyun, “Fond of each other, but not in a relationship yet”

  1. Shinhwa guys are so handsome and also eligilble, but not necessarily cannot be in realtionships. We love,idolise,respect and understand them as perfectly normal gentlemen where they are to meet someone and hopefully they can form families.We don’t tell them its correct or incorrect to be datings someone.Junjin maybe in the this industry for 14 years if he likes her and later fall in love with this girl-its goodness. One cannot say thats because he ,if are into serious relationship she cannot pursue her singing career. this is something I do not understand about the entertainment industry ?????
    Let wish him all the Best and hope all turns out well for him , it can also be Blessing for Shinhwa to have additional members , If he is happy so am I …Good luck Junjin !

  2. Regardless if they are or not I say WAIT!! He should let her pursue her career. It is TIME CONSUMING being in a relationship. She is just starting. Jun Jin been there done that (10+ yrs in the industry). It may be cute for fans but she will have to live with the results (negative/positive) now & the future. Remain friends and support each other. Jun Jin that’s the best thing you can do for her. Joo Hyun give your singing career, SPICA, and your fans 100% ~ No regrets!

    Note: Most fans believe CEO’s & Producers tell celebrities not to date because they will lose their female/male fans, but I believe dating takes their heart, mind, & physical efforts, away from their career.

  3. I definitely dont believe it and what media say, usually rumors are true and from what I’ve heard of members pointing about it some times they surely have been on date since shinhwa comeback time…
    wearing a ring since about 1 month ago shows their relation

  4. I always thought Jin might date a girl who’s not in the entertainment business or who’s already in the business for quite a while. It seems like SPICA is a very new group and JooHyun is also new in the business, if she’s true to Jin then it’s ok. But it seems they only share affections starting early this year when SPICA first debut, I just hope she or the group is not using her relationships with Jin to make the news or spotlights. (Because Korean entertainment business is a tough fight, many groups can only survive for a short period of time, there were histories that new singers use these rumours or news to boost their fame, or even date a famous person to get their names on the headlines.)

  5. I thought junjin had learn a lesson from previous relationship:(not going to announce his new relationship until they really going to married……so coufused

  6. Its good to have news like this once in awhile, Shinhwa is a bit quiet lately. Its would be nice if they are a couple though I do not know much of Jun Hyun (now I know) and Junjin (32) is right for commitment.It would be unfair to say that this is a marketing strategy if they are in a relationship.They are perfectly normal people to know,commit,fall-in-love and go on from here.If we are expecting Shinhwa juniors they have to start somewhere.Best is to leave them alone and progress.

    1. Yes……….. fully agreed with you to just leave them alone to pursue their relationship. Anyway all the 6 members of Shinhwa rightfully should be dating and getting married in order to produce Shinhwa Juniors!

  7. Is this for relationship for publicity purpose to promote SPICA comeback??
    Hope both of them are dating and end this speculating story soon…………….

  8. On another thought, do you guys think Jin is doing this probably because he and Joo Hyun don’t want people, especially those meanass whose lives’ main pursuit is creating bad rumours to celebs to blame on JH and Spica for using SH’s fame to boost up their upcoming album promotion? I’m thinking about that possibility though, hmm.

  9. Seriously, I truly want Jun Jin and Joo Hyun to be a real couple, they look so good together. I’ve have taken interest in Joo Hyun since her appearance in Heo Young Saeng’s MV, and I even nagged about how they let Hyun Ah sing her part in the studio version of the song while Joo Hyun is the one in the MV and performed along YS during his promotion. Love her rapping but I never knew she could sing so well until I warched Painkiller last night @-) And I reckon Joo Hyun is friendly because she sometimes tweeeted back to her fans’ tweets. One more bonus point: gosh, she’s so pretty @-)

    The age gap between the couple is ideal, aigoo, up until now, I don’t see any point why they shouldn’t be together.

  10. Idk man, the fact that he mentioned Spica and wrote JH in his thanks to on The Return just seals the deal for me lol. That is too much of a coincidence! Seems like they’ve been at it for awhile and only set these rumors free in time for his girl’s comeback (;

    At any rate, whatever the situation, as long as he’s happy, we should be happy for him! ^__^

  11. so who was ‘the source’ that broke it to the news in the 1st place?
    Any way I wish the 2 of them lot of love & happiness.

    1 down 5 more to come, pali pali before the age difference with the kids grow even bigger, too old to play with them XDD

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