[12.09.16] Dongwan’s Naver blog: 2012 (Becoming better)

When I was doing interviews for ‘Yeongasi’,
I had an interview with someone who used to be a sports reporter,
And while we were talking, I asked him about how baseball players get out of slumps.
I said I was curious about how players, who get into slumps after the season has started, overcome them…
But he said there isn’t really a way to overcome a slump, and because the season doesn’t wait for the players
When in a slump, they just have to quickly depend on their abilities to emerge from the slump and become better.

Becoming better.

I really agree with this.
Everyone is becoming better without really showing it.

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

4 thoughts on “[12.09.16] Dongwan’s Naver blog: 2012 (Becoming better)

  1. Its important that if one falls he must be able to get up and move on. In any career or daily routine, we must adopt a mental strength to be able to “Get – Up” and carry on with our life.I believe this have to learn and postive feelings to accept failure is also another way to success- it may not be true but positive outlook and strength .
    In this society. we face everyhing and anything slump or fall . stand up and move on- most of alll Be Happy and Contented its simple but not easy to achieve.

  2. i’m not entirely sure where to leave a question, so i’ll just go ahead and do it here ^^ is there any chance you can translate the members’ thanks to sections from “the return”? if needed, i can provide the scans~! actually, i’ll just leave them here anyways…

    thanks for everything you do with the site!

  3. i guess it is trued.becoming better or trying to become better…(i’m thinking of myself now).i will take this as an advice.
    some of the things that Dongwan ssi writes makes me think “ah,he is right actually.” and i always try to take them as a advice for myself.

  4. Woah… Dong Wan really seems to be a philosopher sometimes! He is like a poet. I wonder what’s he thinking about every day. He really thought a lot of things… Xp

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