[12.09.13] Liveworks notice: Info on Kim Dongwan Korea fanmeeting

How are you? This is Liveworks Company.

Kim Dongwan’s 2012 fanmeeting will be held at Yonsei University’s main auditorium on 7 October (Sunday).

Establishing his status as an actor with box-office hit ‘Yeongasi’ this summer,
And once again starting on a new path as an actor with KBS daily drama ‘Cheer Up, Mister Kim’ from early November onwards,
Kim Dongwan has arranged for some precious time together with fans in Korea before filming officially begins.

Please refer to the details below and on the ticketing site.
We hope everyone will show your support.


– 2012 Kim Dongwan Korea Fanmeeting –

TITLE : 2012 KIM DONG WAN Fanmeeting “The PRESENT” in KOREA
VENUE: Yonsei University main auditorium
DATE/TIME: 7 October 2012, 5.00PM (KST)
PRICE: 55,000KRW (inclusive of taxes), seating

TICKET OPEN:18 September 2012 (Tuesday), 9.00PM
TICKETING SITE: ticket.yes24.com


1-Kim Dongwan will be holding a high-five session for all the fans who attend the fanmeeting.
2-This is a seated event.
3-Overseas fans can purchase tickets through the ticketing site.
4-For enquiries, please refer to the details on YES24.

Credits: Liveworks Company + Absolut Shinhwa

4 thoughts on “[12.09.13] Liveworks notice: Info on Kim Dongwan Korea fanmeeting

  1. HUHU! I will be arriving in Seoul on October 8!!! WHY??? I will miss the chance to meet him.

  2. wanna go wanna go wanna go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i live in seoul now but this site…why no english?? how am i supose to understand??? T_T
    i am losing such a great chanse to meet one of my special idols.*sad*

  3. Woah… How great it would be if I could go. But I’ll never be able to go. Never in my dreams.😣

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