[12.09.09] Dongwan’s Naver blog: 2012 (Jung Pil Gyo wallpaper)

Jung Pil Gyo wallpaper. ㅋ

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

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  1. Thanks Dongwan, its not so easy to see Hyesung on twitter/news and such a rare moment to be able to see him.It will make a wonderful wallpaper as it is taken by you.I really wish to hear and see him regularly after the Shinhwa concert, he sings beautifully always love to hear from him.

  2. Thank you for Dongwan for this little insight from the camp Hyesung organized for the fans. (I am just assuming) Hope we will get more updates on how it went through other members since Hyesung himself is not so much seen online!

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